Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rescind the Obamacare Rule Exempting Congress

It might concentrate the minds of reluctant Republicans wonderfully, and perhaps some Democrats as well, if they were subject to the rules of regulations of the rotting dead fish known as Obamacare. Then they might see the pitfalls and hardships of their constituents who lost their doctors, lost their plans, have premiums larger than mortgage payments, and deductibles so high their insurance coverage is worthless.
As Heather R. Higgins, CEO of Independent Women’s Voice and head of the Repeal and Reform coalition, notes: 
If President Trump is serious about repealing ObamaCare -- about delivering a better policy with more choice and lower costs -- there’s a simple move he could make that wouldn’t require congressional approval. It would align the interests of lawmakers and their staffers with the interests of voters.
Congress is essentially unaffected by the high costs of the ObamaCare exchanges because of a special exemption crafted under the Obama administration. The Affordable Care Act required members of Congress and their employees to participate in the health-insurance exchanges it established. They should have lost the generous coverage they had in the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program and instead bought one of the government-mandated options offered on the ACA exchanges. 

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