Thursday, July 20, 2017

Newsworthy Items 2

Democrats are big into accusing Trump of collusion with the Russians.  Nearly a year into the drill a lot of hot air has been dispensed but no actual evidence has been produced.  Innuendo, yes.  Facts, no.  Any tidbits no matter how trivial are grasped and breathlessly reported upon until facts cause them to fade away. Nonetheless the corrupt leftist mainstream media persist in producing and reporting fake news.  Democrat politicians and liberal activists call for Trump's impeachment for no cause whatever. No cause needed.  He is not their president.  Now lets turn to "actual" collusion.  That is actual extensive collusion by members of the Democrat party.  Here are just some examples.   

    A.   This link summarises five times of known Democrats and Russians colluding in the election process.  No fakes.  Actual historical facts.  This establishes the fact that the Democrat party has a pattern of behavior that includes collusion to win elections.
    B.   More about Ted Kennedy's nefarious activities. Quote: "In 1984, Ted Kennedy was desperate to stop Ronald Reagan, so he asked the Soviets for help! Thankfully, it didn’t work (via The Daily Signal)."

    C.   More about Bill Clinton's colluding with a Russia presidential candidate to mess in each others elections. Quote: "Let’s start here, with the 1996 leak of a document detailing a meeting between Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin. Sean Guillory, writing at, states:  “According to a White House memo leaked to the Washington Times in March 1996, Clinton and Yeltsin had agreed to support each other in their respective reelection bids.”

    D.   During Obama's first term in office Hillary, Bill and other Democrat operatives worked a deal through Canada with the Russians that enriched both the Clinton Foundation and Clinton family by releasing 20% of protected US uranium reserves and selling them to the Russians.  The uranium ultimately ended up in Iran.    More.    Hillary repeatedly ignored the agreement she signed to not associate in any way with the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State.  Obama knowingly let it happen.

    E.   Hillary's presidential campaign actively colluded with Ukrainian officials to benefit her election chances.

    F.   Obama did not want his collusion with the Russians to be exposed.  But, this former high level Obama official has lifted the veil on his contemptible behavior.  

    G.   Obama's dirty hands spent a bundle of US taxpayer money trying to defeat the re-election of prime minister Netanyahu of Israel.  That is colluding in an election, isn't it?  Do fellow Democrats and the mainstream media think that is okay?   Seems so!  Arrogantly playing the three monkey act, they didn't see or hear anything Obama said or did that was wrong.    Hypocrites.

    H.   The mainstream media colluded with Obama throughout his eight years in office. In short they let him get away with multiple corrupt acts, setting a terrible journalist precedent that is now coming to roost on their very own corrupt shoulders.   

Enough with the patently hypocritical and unethical Democrat party and unethical leftist mainstream media fake outrage and "holier than thou" posturing over Trump's non-existent collusion with Russia.  Before leveling charges against Trump or anyone else clean up your own filthy messes first.  Filthy messes like media colluding with Hillary/Democrats throughout her presidential campaign, including helping her cheat during presidential debates.

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