Monday, July 10, 2017

Medicine and Health 1

Hopefully this good news comes to pass.  Two senators seek to broker a deal that may have a chance to get the full Obamacare "repeal and replace" legislation going in the right direction.  And,  Here's more. Some senators are resisting but this may break the log jam.  If this legislation passes things could be underway in positive direction.  I have a bit of hope for success based on an interview I  recently heard on the David Webb radio show with Secretary of HHS, Dr.Tom Price is also a former Senator and medical professional.  He explained this legislation is the first in a three step process to get completely out of the grips of the disastrous Obamacare.  Price also believes the end goal is the return to a market based system with improvements which protect the needy among us. Here is a transcript.   

Conventional medicine is not always the best way to achieve health.  Quote: "In our time, we can greatly help add years by supporting our natural immune system with supplemental nutrition and whole natural foods and by avoiding drug-based symptom masking, and also vaccines.  This is one of my favorite subjects because conventional medicine – which means almost everyone — gets it so wrong.  Conventional medicine also teaches that the road to health runs through the vaccine protocol. Even if they worked and were without risk, vaccines only stimulate temporary immunity. By trading lifelong immunity for temporary vaccine-induced immunity, people become vaccine dependent and subject themselves to diseases and medical protocols down the road. The winners of repeated mandatory vaccinations are the pharmaceutical companies. The losers are the people, who are first put at risk as children for vaccine adverse events and then put at risk as adults for repeated vaccinations that have already failed. The pharmaceutical companies have discovered a money machine in mass vaccinations. But they need and have to have your body for the pretense."   More on the topic of vaccines is provided in the vaccine section.

This item explains that neither Obamacare nor the current version of the Republican replacement are good for Americans.  Quote: "You can have Obamacare. Or you can take the current Republican re-do. Have you read it? Do you know exactly what’s in it? Of course not. I can tell you this. Every possible healthcare bill has the same flaw. It’s called death. I’ll explain in a moment. But first I want to mention that, for the past decade, as a working reporter, I’ve taken many actions to put a piece of medical information in front of mainstream news media, and they won’t bite. No matter what. I’ve published the information, backed it up seven ways from Sunday, and it doesn’t matter. No dice. Here it is. Again. Every year, like clockwork, the US medical system kills 225,000 people. That’s a mainstream conclusion. A conservative conclusion. By extrapolation, that means the US medical system kills 2.25 MILLION people per decade."

Here is a relevant lesson in logic to deal with the illogic of claims that getting rid of Obmacare will result in the deaths of millions.   Although not dealing with the healthcare issue this is another useful lesson in logic.

Quote: "To hear hysterical Democrats say it, any attempt at health care reform by the GOP is equivalent to “killing Americans.” In their delusional world — which has long since abandoned anything resembling reason or reality — the Obamacare system saved lives and killed no one, while a Republican-run system would be the equivalent of the mass murder of Americans. Seriously, this is the dark rhetoric now being spewed by Democrats whose words achieve nothing other than inspiring psychopathic left-wing killers to gun down Republican congressmen on a baseball field. Yet the sobering truth is that for as long as the U.S. “sick care” system has been dominated by pharmaceutical interests, it has been killing Americans by the hundreds of thousands per year."

Take a look at what the Democrats think is so wonderful about Obamacare.    And, see their bold lies about health insurance. Quote: "It is mathematically impossible that the new health bill can remove 22 million Americans from their insurance. That said, it will likely lead to a short-term drop in insurance participation. Several million Americans could suddenly find themselves uninsured. The surprising irony of it all is that this is a hidden benefit of the new plan. As things stand, participating in American healthcare is far deadlier than the alternative, and it is certainly cheaper. The numbers unmistakably show that subsidizing health insurance is not helping Americans. Instead, the hope to reverse these ugly trends is to reduce participation and find better spending. The new bill is the first step, but it isn’t a final solution. Taking government money away from subsidies and instead investing it in research, facilities and personnel that can increase the capacity of our entire system is the only long-term approach that will restore life expectancy, reduce mistakes and enable all Americans access to longer, healthier lives. The left had their chance. They implemented Obamacare, and it failed on every level. It was named “The Affordable Care Act.” It made everything far more expensive. It was championed as a way to help every American live a healthier life with better access to healthcare. Instead it is killing us all by dramatically increasing demand on healthcare facilities without offering additional resources to meet that demand. We have seen this problem in socialized medicine across the planet, and now it is killing us at home. It is time for change, and even an Obamacare repeal without any replacement would still be healthier for all Americans."

It is truly a sad state of affairs when people are willing to lie to get their way.  This piece speaks of lies designed to assure Democrats kill any effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.   Quote: "With the passage of the AHCA in the House of Representatives, the Democrats are ramping up on the scare tactics as well as the lies to make their case for the bill to fail. They are hoping their histrionics will scare Senate Republicans into cutting the bill back to the point it has no teeth.  They’re not just scaring people. The Democrats are doing it with lies, and they’re not white lies but flat-out whoppers that don’t pass the sniff test at the Washington Post and Politifact."    Facts are unimportant, people suffering as a result of their disaster, and the health and welfare of "all" people is not their agenda....getting their way no matter the consequences is.  Here is more on the topic.   The real solution is for the government to get out of the healthcare business. Just look at the mess government has made of the VA, Medicare and Medicaid.  Private enterprise would improve matters enormously.  Government's only role should be to provide oversight and assure fair, open, effective and efficient delivery of private enterprise healthcare is provided and maintained and to assure consumer interests are protected.  The competitive marketplace always generates solutions that allow the best approaches to rise to the top.  Consumers know from observation and experience what is good and efficient and what works and what does not.  Government management of and control of almost anything, as history proves, is inefficient, ineffective and expensive. 

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