Thursday, July 20, 2017

Newsworthy Items 3

Where are the media and Democrat politicians calling for investigations into these actual acts of collusion?  Nowhere!  Because truth, decency and serving the public interest is not what are important to them. Democrats operate under a different set of rules than the rest of us.  Mostly, though, their goal is to acquire total (tyrannical) power and control over the nation and its citizens.  They mean to destroy anyone who gets in their way.  Hence, radical leftists in their ranks and even ranking Democrats call for Trump's impeachment, exile or assassination. They proudly hang an effigy of Trump's severed head as a symbol of their defiance of his presidency.  They don't even think their attempt at accomplishing a coup is an act of treason.  They just know they are in the right.  Corrupt Hillary should be president.

Adding fuel to the collusion fire is this piece which details the total contempt Democrats have for our system of elections.  A Russian lawyer, here because Attorney General Loretta Lynch let her in even though her visa had expired, who has worked with Democrats for years contacted Trump, Jr. and lied about the purpose of a meeting to lure him into a dirty trap they are now using to try to destroy a sitting president.   Unconscionable behavior.  Quote: "While critics have accused her of being a high-level Russian agent trying to help the Trump administration, there is no indication she ever wanted to help the Trump campaign, and there are indications she actually opposed Trump’s election. Veselnitskaya appears to have attended an anti-Trump rally on January 21, according to pictures posted on her Facebook page. Protesters held signs saying “Impeach Trump” and portraying him as close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Just three days before her meeting with Trump Jr., Veselnitskaya twice tweeted an article headlined “NY Attorney General: Trump University Is a Straight Up Fraud Case,” according to a Twitter account appearing to belong to her. Another time, she tweeted out a story on Clinton vowing to win the Democratic nomination despite losing a primary race to opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).  And both she and Trump Jr. have said nothing came of the meeting. According to emails released by Trump Jr., he believed she would have incriminating information on Hillary Clinton. However, Veselnitskaya told NBC News this week that she was there as part of a lobbying campaign to reverse the Magnitsky Act."   A short synopsis of the sordid affair.

Being hypocritical is something that Democrats are really good at.  They are up in arms about any Republican connection with Russia but to them those rules only apply to Republicans.  Apparently, it is okay if they deal with Russians.    The next link reinforces the notion of persistent and out of control Democrat hypocrisy.  Nancy Pelosi, the senior Democrat in the House of Representatives, has demanded Trump, Jr. resign and be striped of his security clearance over an anti-Trump antic perpetrated by Democrat operatives.  Last time I checked actual Democrat violators of US security laws include people like Hillary Clinton and James Comey and a host of their respective associates with whom they collaborated to illegally share actual classified information.  Nancy conveniently overlooked asking for the lifting of their security clearances.  Although he was wrong to do so Trump, Jr.fell into a trap set to promote Democrat interests but he did not violate any actual US security laws.  Pelosi should be ashamed of herself for so prominently displaying her rank hypocrisy and ignorance of US security laws.   Evidence of Clinton clan corruption continues to be exposed, including multiple national security violations.   Democrats and the media ignore these irresponsible actions of fellow liberals/Democrats in pursuit of their destruction of Trump based solely on fake news.

Hillary's troubles continue to mount.  While serving as Secretary of State she violated multiple laws multiple times to enrich the Clinton Foundation and her family.  Emails continue to emerge that make the case. Quote: "More than eight months after Hillary Clinton’s election loss, her use of a private email server and other conduct during her tenure as U.S. secretary of state continue to haunt her." And, "Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton argued the newly released documents substantiate accusations that Clinton and her team engaged in criminality."    The saga of the many odd instances of deaths surrounding Clinton family associates or enemies continues to grow.  It seems to happens far too often to be dismissed as mere coincidences.  Three, I think is just the past year or so.

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