Saturday, July 29, 2017

America's two-party political system is dying

The failure of the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate to repeal ObamaCare signals that both major political parties have accepted the central role of the federal government in controlling the American healthcare industry.
A similar seminal moment came, in 2012, with regard to federal fiscal and monetary policies, when the former Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, David A. Stockman, wrote:

“The 2012 Presidential election signaled the onset of sundown in America, and not merely because an avowed big-spending statist won the race.  Rather, it’s because the Republican candidate proved in words and lifelong deeds that there is no conservative party left in America—at least not one that is willing or able to defend sound money, free markets, and fiscal rectitude.”1
The failure to repeal ObamaCare signaled a victory for the American Progressive Movement (APM).  And, it further advances the notion that America’s two-party political system has become a UniParty.
UniParty is a one-act political play with two characters. Once upon a time, there was Laurel and Hardy, Abbot and Costello, Burns and Allen. Today it’s Republicans and Democrats.
Unlike the bygone comedy duos, the output of the UniParty is not humor, but more and bigger federal government—long the mother’s milk of the APM.

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