Monday, July 31, 2017

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Despite liberal words to the contrary things in England's socialized healthcare system are not going very well.  Quote: "World pharmacy news reports a stunning study: “Analysis of the drugs that were approved for use by the NHS Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) in England has shown that the fund was not good value for patients and society and may have resulted in patients suffering unnecessarily from toxic side effects of the drugs.”  “In a study published in the leading cancer journal Annals of Oncology, researchers led by Dr Ajay Aggarwal, academic clinical oncologist at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK), and Professor Richard Sullivan, director of the Institute of Cancer Policy, King’s College London (UK), looked at 29 drugs that had been approved for use through the CDF in January 2015 for 47 specific cancer conditions (or indications).”  “Of these [cancer] indications, only 18 (38%) were based on clinical trials that reported a statistically significant benefit from the drugs in terms of patients’ overall survival; the (median) average overall survival benefit was 3.2 months, ranging from 1.4 months to 15.7 months.”    You will remember England's healthcare system served as the model for Obamacare.  Democrats want us to do the same thing.  No thanks.

If the National Institutes of Health admits it, this must be a really, really bad problem.   Quote:  "Almost 90 percent of biomedical research is wasted, according to the National Institutes of Health’s monthly newsletter.  The government agency, which spends over $30 billion of taxpayer funding on research each year, highlighted remarks by a Yale doctor who said the majority of research is useless. "As much as 87.5 percent of biomedical research may be wasteful and inefficient. So argued Dr. Michael Bracken at a recent Wednesday Afternoon Lecture in Masur Auditorium," the NIH Record reported on Friday. "Waste is more than just a waste of money and resources," said Bracken, the Susan Dwight Bliss professor of epidemiology at Yale University School of Public Health. "It can actually be harmful to people’s health."

We have the UN, and liberal western nation governments to thank for this mess they created and that harms innocent people.  Their fake "concern" for non-citizens no matter their plight far outweighs their "concern" for their own citizens.   

This piece does not place current day medical science in a good place. Quote: "Several times over the years one or more of my subscribers have asked me to explain what good science looks like. Well, it’s much easier to describe BAD science because it’s everywhere, right in front of your face. Never mind nit-picking over the “p” number or sample sizes. The whole ambience sucks. This is especially true of medical science, where there are massive financial incentives to cut corners, to cheat, to outright lie.

This item begs the question of whether or not Pharmaceutical companies eye the bottom line more than the efficacy of their products.  The FDA, MSM and government enforcement agencies are in collusion with them.  Quote: "By the way, if you want a good example of crony capitalism, as opposed to actual capitalism (in which buyer and seller voluntarily engage in commerce, the product does not cause harm, the people involved are honorable, the exchange of value for value isn’t regulated), you’ve just found one:  A medical drug’s manufacturer, and the federal government, and even the prescribing doctors, all know a drug is useless for off-label purposes, and also creates harm. But all the parties (cronies) feign ignorance, while protecting each other, and no law-enforcement agency charges any participant with a crime. All parties involved pretend, when the suit is filed and the settlement is reached, that justice has been done. One hand washes the other.  And, at the same time, if a researcher or doctor or layperson happens to come up with a non-toxic method of treating the disease for which the drug in question is the preferred option, and if that innovative natural method does no harm, and if responsible adults want to try the method…The house comes down on the researcher’s head. The full force of “experts” and government enforcement agencies and mainstream doctors and the MSM press comes into play. The “experts” and cronies, of course, trumpet concern for people’s health and lay claim to righteousness and ethics and science."

Apparently a study addressed in this link has found that there is indeed a link between mercury and autism.  Quote: "Now a new study is out linking blood mercury levels at late pregnancy and early childhood and their association with more autistic behaviors in children at age 5. The study, published in the international journal Science of the Total Environment comes out of the Republic of Korea where the prevalence of autism is higher than in the U.S., where it is found in 1 of every 38 children. In it, researchers began in 2006 testing blood mercury levels in pregnant mothers both early and late in the pregnancy, in umbilical cord blood, and in their children at ages 2 and 3. They found that as mercury levels rose from late pregnancy to birth, the rate of mild to moderate autism in 5 year olds rose 31 percent and the rate of severe autism rose 28 percent. The Federal government tacitly admitted years ago that vaccines are harmful when it established the Federal Vaccine Injury Compensation program (aka the “absolve Big Pharma of all liability at your expense” program) which pays out compensation for autism-related disorders." 

This item should give one pause when dealing with medical practitioners and other professionals too willing to prescribe or aid and abet distribution of addictive medications.

This is for those who may be suffering from cancer or know someone who is.  Quote: "New research conducted at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University has found that chemotherapy spreads cancer throughout the body, causing a sharp increase in cancer cells circulating throughout the body (including the lungs). Led by Dr. George Karagiannis, the research focused on chemotherapy treatment of breast cancer, but further studies plan to see how chemotherapy might also spread cancers of other tissues, too. The research was published in Science Translational Medicine and is entitled Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism. A summary of the study reports that “the authors discovered that several types of chemotherapy can increase the amounts of TMEM complexes and circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream.” It concludes that “chemotherapy, despite decreasing tumor size, increases the risk of metastatic dissemination.”   

This is a sad commentary on Obamacare.  Nonetheless Democrats love it.  Facts do not matter.  People they hurt do not matter.   Here is further evidence of Democrat dissonance regarding the travesty they and they alone thrust on the backs of innocent citizens.

This item continues the Obamacare theme and the political left's rank dishonesty.  Partisan politics is far more important to them than fixing a disastrous mistake they made in creating Obamacare.  Trying to fix it is heresy to them.  Quote: "Thus, we have a consensus: Partisan academics, biased journalists, unemployed Obama administration hacks, and clueless comediennes agree that there can be but one reason to repeal Obamacare — and it has nothing to do with the failure of the “reform” law to accomplish any of its ostensible goals. It’s all about racism. This is certainly not the only spurious pretext concocted by the left to denounce AHCA, but it is easily the most asinine."    This does not mean that I am happy with the Republican solution...I am not.  But the point being made is that Democrats cling to their failures by pretending they are great victories.  To them hurting citizens with bad policies is less important than controlling people's lives.

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