Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gangs of Congress: The turf war continues, nobody wins

The failure of the Republicans to repeal the orchestrated disaster that is Obamacare proves once again and for all to see that what goes on in Congress, today more than ever before, is just one big turf war.  Just to be clear, a turf war is a bitter struggle between criminals or gangs over the right to operate within a particular area – any dispute in which one party seeks to obtain increased rights or influence.
We can now dispense with the notion that either party has any concern for its constituents.  Neither does.  They are engaged in a war of wills for their own power.  Every member of Congress knows that Obamacare is a blight upon the American economy and its people.  The Democrats are determined to let it do further damage and leave more people without access to actual care by being rigidly obstructionist.  The Republicans are like a herd of cats in their fear of the vicious leftist media.
The Democratic Party has been a well organized criminal enterprise for at least a hundred years.  Beginning with Tammany Hall (1786), which was gang-like in structure, it was the Democratic Party denizens who invented backroom deals, paying for votes, and all the other strategies and tactics we have come to know too well.  To this day, the DNC relies on corruption to play out its grand plan, to destroy its opposition.  It hires thugs to foment violence at rallies and instructs these political mercenaries in the use of particularly nasty tactics.

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