Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The sickening effect of Obamacare taxes

In many ways was a massive trillion-dollar tax increase masquerading as a health reform plan called Obamacare.
Certainly, the extremely negative economic effects of these tax hikes have been underreported by the media. Republicans are right to fight for their total repeal, but the left has retaliated that the Republican plan is a tax cut for the wealthy. That’s the line from Warren Buffett, who says rich people will benefit.
But Obamacare’s taxes hurt nearly everyone with new tolls on business investment, drug and vaccine production, payrolls, medical devices, hiring and union health insurance plans. (See list).
Wait. We want more of all of these things, don’t we? Every one of the taxes was counterproductive. Take the tax on health insurers. The whole objective of Obamacare was to increase the number of and affordability of health plans. So why tax them and make them more expensive — less “affordable?”


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