Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Liberal Heads Explode Over Dinner Chat. Sad!

So, the latest fake journalist joint head explosion was caused by the revelation that, during one of the dinners at last week’s G20 meeting, President Trump left his seat and sat down next to Vladimir Putin for a discussion.  The media, keeping with their agreed-to narrative, is uniformly describing this as a “private” discussion “with no other Americans present”, since the President did not have his own interpreter with him, relying instead on Putin’s interpreter to handle both sides of the discussion.  Characterizing the dinner chat in this way is the height of absurdity given that it took place in a room with at least 200 people present, at a dinner table where half a dozen others were constantly within earshot, and dozens of others passed closely by while the national leaders were talking.  CNN even found some ex-Obama swamp creature to call it a “breach of national security protocol.”  Good lord. 

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