Thursday, July 20, 2017

Newsworthy Items 1

Lou Dobbs issues this warning to all Americans especially those who are radical left wing Democrats, deep state operatives, the mainstream media and other irresponsible liberal agitators.  Quote: "Unless they want an popular authoritarianism, the Left needs to understand that President Trump won and has the right to pursue his agenda."  Never at any point during the corrupt Obama years did the mainstream media hit him with anything approaching the obvious hatred they have for Trump.  They never challenged anything he did or said.  Anything said was akin to hero worship.  As has been observed by many well positioned analysts, the media and power brokers in the Democrat party are out to destroy a legitimately elected president because their chosen candidate lost.

That Washington D.C. is a cesspool of corruption is a well established fact.  It includes both major political parties, mainstream media and vulture lobbyists working hard for crony capitalists and special interest groups.  The interests of the public and the nation are seemingly far distant in their rear view mirrors.  This former senator knows the problem inside out and offers a suggestion to fix it.  Washington insiders oppose the idea because it would mean they would lose their prestige, extravagant perks and  power.

Jesse Lee Peterson, a great black American, speaks the truth and doesn't care whose feelings might get hurt.  Quote: "We all know that black “leaders” exploit the people – I’ve talked about Maxine Waters (“Auntie Maxine“), John Lewis, Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP (no different from the KKK), Black Lives Matter (worse than the KKK), Louis Farrakhan (modern-day Hitler) and false preachers, including T.D. Jakes and Michael Eric Dyson (not called by God but by their mama). But let’s not forget about “white” politicians and others who also take advantage of foolish black and “minority” people who don’t know better. Because blacks are brainwashed to believe in “racism” (which doesn’t even exist, and never has), they support phony “anti-racist” efforts. They blindly support Democrats who never had their best interests at heart. Around 95 percent of blacks supported Barack Obama, the worst president in American history; the same supported the second-most corrupt president, Bill Clinton, impeached for lies and obstruction of justice."    God bless Jesse Lee Peterson, a just and righteous man.  Here is another black man smart enough to see the truth about liberal policies that have long kept blacks down in the dumps and continue to do so.

Don't know what will happen with this lawsuit filed against Obama and others, but it will be interesting to watch.  Quote: "A federal class action lawsuit has been filed against former President Barack Obama, and others involved in a spate of murders. Obama may finally pay for his hand in the race riots that caused the murder of five Dallas police officers. Also named in the suit is former US Attorney General, Eric Holder, as well as the founders of Black Lives Matter, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and Al Sharpton (via The Daily Caller). The total damages sought in the suit equal more than two billion dollars. Obama, along with the other defendants, is accused of having violated the Civil Rights of law enforcement officers."

Another example of the lawlessness that characterized the Obama administration.  Quote: "Obama ran the least transparent administration in American history, according to a new Associated Press analysis.  During former President Obama’s final year in office the White House spent a whopping $36.2 million fighting off Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to cover up his administration’s crimes. (via AP)  For the last two years the Obama administration set the record for “lost” files. They were forced to tell citizens and journalists that they could not find federal records more than any other administration since FOIA became law.  President Obama received non-stop praise from the mainstream media despite running one of the most corrupt administrations in American history. If President Trump did half of what Obama did he would have been impeached by now."    This is real news.  But the twiddle de - twiddle dum  liberal mainstream journalist crowd will not touch it because it reveals the truth of massive liberal Democrat corruption, with a corrupt mainstream media in full support.

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