Thursday, July 20, 2017

Newsworthy Items 4

Democrat Representative Maxine Waters has been placed on the most corrupt politician list five times.  Most recently in 2017.   Both Republicans and Democrats routinely make the list but Maxine is a big time winner of this dubious award.  More on Maxine's not so nice history.   Not only is she unethical she frequently makes comments which reveal that her intelligence quotient is apparently a bit lacking.

This is a disturbing thing to ponder.  But, it is an eerie recurring theme with this notorious family.    And,  And,    And yet more shady deals.    Wonder where the mainstream media is on strange occurrences such as these??? 

The global political left and its complicit mainstream media ignore facts to promote their false agenda.  It is turning into criminal behavior.  Quote: ""The children born in Italy are Italians and it is the duty of a civilized country to welcome them," Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said earlier this week. The proposed bill is also passionately supported by his predecessor Matteo Renzi.  Gentiloni has brushed aside attempts by critics to link the issue of citizen rights to that of national security, saying "the way to reduce risk is not through exclusion but dialogue and inclusion".  But with unemployment towering at 11 percent -- well above the average in the eurozone -- and soaring to 37 percent among young people, the age-old narrative of foreigners stealing locals' jobs has reared its head. That fear has not been eased by new figures this week showing 4.5 million Italians are living in absolute poverty.  According to Il Messaggero, those polled in Thursday's survey said it would be better to postpone the debate on citizenship rights until after the general election in spring next year.  Italy in 2016 bestowed the highest number of citizenships in Europe at 205,000, up from just 63,000 in 2012. Adopting "ius soli" would bring Italy into line with the majority of its European neighbours -- from Belgium and Britain to France and Portugal -- where the law already applies in various forms."    The immigration crisis is slowly but surely destroying the cultures of European nations along with the rule of law and civil discourse.  The obvious culture clash is ignored while nations fall into chaos.  A false narrative does not a good solution make.

Now tell me this is the proper use of our justice system.  Being a politically created victim is far more important than obeying established law.   And, the corruption of the law is further elaborated upon in this item.

This leftist feminist displays behavior that makes it clear that much of feminist thinking is sick at its core.  Anyone who can say these kind of things about their own sons demonstrates how so much of leftist thinking is not only repulsive it is totally in the pits. 

It is unconscionable the hypocrisy of the political left.  They claim to be for women's rights yet they support the most repressive parts of Islam that treat women as slaves and sex objects.  So illogical they are that Democrats will not permit us to enact laws to protect Muslim females  in our country.

Ethics, decency, morality, facts, history and more are quickly disappearing from the scene thanks to incessant and irresponsible progressive/liberal cultural activism that is undermining the very fundamentals that long underpinned our society.  Here is an example.   Another good example. Bill Nye, the so called science guy, has been nominated for an Emmy for an episode of his Netflix show.  Don't know about his other shows but this one is immoral show and  deserves to cancelled forthwith.  But the liberal left holds him in high regard because he has turned himself into a liberal propagandist seeking to mold young minds into loyal liberal robots.  Truth is that the specific episode cited is something most normal folks would consider bordering on sexual abuse, if not actual abuse of his position.  Quote: "Rachel Bloom performed the rap that was written to explain the sexual spectrum. It praises drag queens, transgender sex, gay sex, and anything else that is not considered “normal.”  And,  "The fact that the episode featuring this awful song was nominated for an Emmy is very revealing. Hollywood does not care about the quality of writing. “Bill Nye Saves the World” was nominated because it parrots back liberal talking points. The show is supposed to reveal the science behind important political topics, but it is completely devoid of educational value. A video nominated for an Emmy pushed the unscientific claim that there is an unlimited number of genders."

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