Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hidden Perspectives on Health Insurance

Every time government gets involved in our lives it takes a slice for itself. Bureaucrats create administrative oversight requirements (more government agencies and workers) and more data requirements to be reported back to these agencies. More overhead. And so big government was both a primary cause and a primary beneficiary of the system we have today.
Despite all the debate in DC and the media about the national healthcare crisis, the status quo serves all players except one -- the public. The Beltway bloviates about affordability but ignores the basic question: Why does healthcare cost so much? Where are the initiatives to lower high healthcare costs?
Not a single healthcare expert has asked this simple question: At the fork in the road to a solution -- where the public could shop at ‘exchanges’ -- why were insurance exchanges created instead of healthcare (medical care) exchanges? 
One reason is that the primary beneficiary of a health insurance system is the healthcare industry delivery system itself, with all its ancillary parts -- doctors, hospitals, Big Pharma, medical equipment, etc. Think about healthcare without any insurance system supporting it: First, patients would shop for care; and second, healthcare providers would have to chase patients for billed but unpaid services. The insurance system is actually a payment guarantee system for healthcare providers.


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