Thursday, July 27, 2017

News Worth Reading 1

This is one of the more important reads I have shared over the past several months.  It is about how one man can change the course of history.

This provides some history and facts regarding social justice so prominent in modern day society.  Quote: "Whether one takes a Nietzschean or a Marxist view of the social justice creed, or, if such is possible, a combinatory position, we can see that social justice should be opposed and likely defeated by several major social contingents. Social justice ideology will (or should) be opposed by believers in true egalitarianism. Its inversion or reversal ideology is manifest in its ranking procedures and rituals, procedures and rituals under which those who have been at the top must take their places at the bottom. This is not a temporary condition for membership in the social justice movement. Only those egalitarians who believe that the inversion is a necessary and temporary measure, or otherwise do not recognize it as an inversion at all, will support the social justice movement. But hierarchical inversion will be a permanent feature of social justice, as the continuation of this inversion or reversal will be necessary for fueling the animus or ressentiment upon which the movement depends."

This item suggests that the investigation into the Obama's "unmasking" scandal is expanding.  Quote: "Looks like former National Security Adviser Susan Rice is about to get some company! Fox News just reported that a source close to the House Intelligence Committee’s claims the review of the improper “unmasking” of Americans could be expanding.The NSA, CIA, and FBI have been issued subpoenas by the House Intelligence Committee regarding the unmasking records of Susan Rice, former CIA director John Brennan, and former US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power."  And, "Something is definitely up with this unmasking probe. The source is being reported by Catherine Herridge, a highly respected and prolific intelligence correspondence. The Obama administration’s misdeeds are quickly unraveling." 

If you think those in the Muslim hierarchy are nice, accommodating and tolerant people consider this behavior of the Muslim mayor of London.  
Accommodating Muslim customs does nothing but promote their interests and encourages them continue to push theirs on the rest of us.  Another example.  This school principal should be fired.   Quote: "Liberals do not care about Western values whatsoever. They will do anything they can to get SICK Middle Eastern policies in countries all over the world, including Australia.  The tension was mounting at a Queensland primary school where the Principal, and even some parents, tried to pass a rule FORCING little girls to wear hijabs, according to The Daily Mail. A mother of one of the students in the district was NOT having their nonsense and put a swift stop to it."

As to Muslim treatment of women and girls, mutilations of their genitals is unacceptable.  It does not matter that they practice this in their country.  But, ours differ and such inhumane procedures are not welcome.  Quote: "It’s hard to fathom how these people have no problem disfiguring little girls. It is THIS kind of disturbing behavior that we are trying to keep out of our country. If you have to ask “Why should we ban Muslim law in the United States?” think back to this case.  The Left likes advancing the narrative that Muslims are peaceful and don’t want to hurt anyone. It’s false. They have no respect for their children and treat their women like garbage, too. They want to kill ANYONE who does not follow their laws–infidels, they call us."

Still think Muslim are value added ingredient to our nation?  Quote: "Muslims continually prove that they have little intentions into assimilating into western civilization or adhering to our nation’s laws after arriving to America from their third world countries. Our generosity to these savages is frequently repaid by insolence, as many Muslims are constantly busted at the center of welfare fraud rings, as they seek to scam the very country who has given them so much. In yet another case of blatant disregard for our nation’s laws, a group of Muslim doctors in Detroit have just been busted as the masterminds behind a $1.3 billion dollar fraudulent scheme, leading to the arrests of 412 people overnight, in the “largest scam” that the United States Department of Justice has ever seen."

There is little doubt that these two former senior intelligent officers are mired in the swamp Trump is trying to drain. 

This attitude is wholly the fault of leftist/progressive welfare policies.  This woman is a sorry excuse for a human being.

This Muslim preschool teacher wants to kill Jews.  Reprehensible.

After reading the previous four paragraphs please ponder the contents of this piece.  Quote: "Our Greco-Roman, Christian European heritage is under threat. Many of our great cities have undergone a terrible, almost evil transformation. I say evil in the sense that our own Western governments have actively and deliberately pushed for and allowed this to happen; all the while silencing, threatening, and imprisoning anyone that speaks out against such a transformation. The people of the West were never given a choice between keeping their nations or giving them away." 

More corruption within the Democrat party.  The Pakistani head of the operation was caught trying to flee the country.   More.

Democrat are trying their best to assign success to Obama while it is Trump who has changed the strategy that is breeding success where Obama's failed miserably.

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