Friday, July 28, 2017

Senate Republicans fail to pass 'skinny repeal' of ObamaCare

The Republicans in the Senate failed to pass a bill after 7 years that would move to conference to create a final bill with the US House for votes. So what have they been doing for the last 7 years about Obamacare. It was stated that as soon as the election of 2016 was over, that they would put a bill on the President"s desk to repeal Obamacare. Republicans and others against Obamacare have been bellyaching for 7 years But instead of using that time to work behind the scenes on something better that they present when appropriate, they choose to throw together a couple of bills at the 11th hour. This is almost exactly what they accused Nancy Pelosi of doing to originally pass the ACA.  Repealing without replacing would have created a sinkhole in health coverage that millions of Americans with pre-existing and chronic conditions. Go back to your districts and talk to your constituents. Then come back with a cooperative attitude and work across the aisle to craft a replacement that fixes healthcare once and for all. And don't expect one bill to do the job by itself. We must also look at tort reform and campaign finance reform.
Why did the pitiful "Republicans" reject the bill that would've gone to conference? The "skinny" repeal stopped the individual & employer mandates; gave waivers to states to use Medicaid money as desired and construct plans that fit their population; increase contributions to HSAs; stopped funding to Planned Parenthood; stopped the medical device tax for 3 yrs. That's it.
So, it took 7 yrs & a pitiful parade of excuses to see this simple bill fail.

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