Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hey, Hollywood, Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration Hurts Nobody But You

Donald Trump’s inauguration team is allegedly having trouble finding “A-list” talent to perform at Trump’s swearing in ceremony come January. The reason? “They do not want to ‘normalize’ Trump’s presidency.” Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw explains why this is a stupid idea.
[This is] yet another example of the clueless nature of the L.A. crowd. They worked as their own billion dollar army to defeat Trump, hosting concerts and fundraisers along with showing up alongside Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. We all saw how that worked out. I’m not sure how many more whacks with the clue bat will be required before it begins to sink in. The American people don’t need to be preached to by a bunch of pampered film stars or singers when it comes to how best to run the country or what our values should be. The astounding, er… ‘success’ of Miss Sloane on its opening weekend should tell them that nobody is listening other than the liberals who were already drinking the same Kool-Aid anyway.
He’s not wrong. If celebrities choose to boycott the inauguration, they’re demonstrating an inability to live in and deal with reality. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States whether or not Elton John and company show up at his inauguration, so doubling down on the “we don’t want to ‘normalize’ Trump” rhetoric makes zero sense. What’s more problematic about this boycott, however, is that it’s a missed opportunity for these artists to expose their point of view to millions of people who wouldn’t normally be receptive to it. 

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