Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hillary Negotiating Secret Pardon With Obama’s White House Counsel Who Previously Worked for Clinton Family & White House

Hillary and President Bill Clinton are secretly negotiating framework for a potential pardon from President Barack Obama that would spare Hillary from looming criminal indictments, according to Justice Department sources.
But there’s a catch, as there often is when it comes to legal proceedings and the Clinton family. Neil Eggleston, White House Counsel to the President who oversees and approves all presidential pardons and commutations, was previously employed by President Bill Clinton’s White House as a key lawyer to the former president and Hillary Clinton. Also, Eggleston has previously represented Cheryl Mills, a key Hillary attorney believed to be involved in Clinton’s clemency negotiations.
Even though she has not been charged yet with any crimes, the Obama pardon would shield Hillary from any criminal charges she could face under a Donald Trump administration and a Sen. Jeff Sessions-led Justice Department.
Sources said Obama green-lighted the Clinton talks with Eggleston prior to departing for his last presidential vacation in Hawaii. However, allowing the Clintons and their attorneys to negotiate directly with Eggleston smacks of a serious conflict of interest, whether or not the sides agree on acceptable clemency terms for the former secretary of state. In an corruption-free administration, Eggleston would step aside and recuse himself from such negotiations having served as a Clinton family lawyer during the most tumultuous period of Bill’s Clinton’s presidency, including his impeachment.
But the Obama administration is anything but corruption free. 

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