Tuesday, December 27, 2016

President Obama Gets An 'F' For Economic Growth

Obamanomics: We know economics has been called the dismal science, but the latest Economic Report of the President makes for especially bleak reading. Looking through it, it's easy to see why the economy under President Obama is so bad.
Heritage Foundation economist Brian Riley had a very interesting insight: Just for grins, he went through the 435-page presidential economic tome and counted up the mentions of "freedom" and "inequality."
The score: Freedom got 1 mention, inequality 235.
That tells you the Obamanauts are so obsessed with "inequality" that they delude themselves about what's really important to an economy: growth. Sure, they talk about something called "inclusive growth," as if any such thing even exists. It doesn't. It's a feel-good social-branding term that has no basis in actual reality and excuses Obama's failure to make the real economy grow.
Make no mistake, growth is the salve that heals all wounds. A growing economy creates greater income, opportunity and resources for all -- even for those at the bottom. What's the best way to get growth? In a word, freedom. The same word that Obama's top economist, Jason Furman, and the phalanx of economists working for him, have studiously ignored in the president's report.


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