Sunday, December 4, 2016

Will Obama pardon Clinton and cement his legacy?

President Barack Obama cares deeply about his legacy.
So will he dare pardon Hillary Clinton?
Before there's any more talk of carving out a chunk of Mt. Rushmore for him, or more talk of statues or temples in his name, there is that Hillary Clinton pardon issue.
Would Obama give his former secretary of state a preemptory get-out-of-jail card before he leaves office and turns the White House over to Donald Trump?
 And if he does pardon Clinton, what of all the promises he and his operatives made to the nation, that he would "transcend" the cynical, broken politics of the past?
You'd see that phrase, or others just like it, echoed by hopium-smoking pundits of the left, by Democratic Party operatives posing as analysts on TV and even woven into the narrative of supposedly neutral news stories. There was great faith invested in such talk, predicated on the belief that the slogan would become fact. And the old cynicism would be gone. 

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