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About Islam, Illegal Immigration and Things 3

This suggestion by a CNN anchor shows little concern for American women and the freedoms our nation offers all people, including women.  Giving in to oppressive practices of an oppressive religion with a reputation of belittling and abusing women is unacceptable.

So sad that things like this happen.  This is a problem unleashed by Muslim apologists who seem to have lost sight of the consequences of their colossal mistake.

The prime minister of Hungary has had enough of the problems Muslim refugees are causing. He tells them to get out and not come back.  Quote: "Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been very vocal about his displeasure with the Muslims who are invading his country and Europe. Now, it appears that he has given the illegal invaders an ultimatum, Get out of Hungary and don’t come back… If you cannot leave, we will assist you.  “Hungary will do everything in its power to enable every migrant to return from Europe to his own country,” he said. “And Hungary will do everything possible to make sure that no one may enter and stay illegally on Hungarian territory, in violation of Hungarian laws.”

This is a great piece regarding a Muslim woman who exercised common sense, unlike the lack of any sense displayed by Obama, Hillary and leftist elites in general.  She voted for Trump.  Read why.

Trump's intent to deport illegal immigrants may be easier than previously thought.  Here's why.   

As you read the below items please keep in mind these wise words from Thomas Sowell.  Quote: "However congenial the idea of open borders may be to elites who think of themselves as citizens of the world, it is not even possible to have everyone come to America and the country still remain America."

To say as, Obama and Hillary say that we owe it ourselves to be nice and welcoming of Muslims to our country is a really bad idea.  Too many examples they choose to ignore say so.  Here is but one example.   More examples follow.

More refugee misbehavior in Sweden.

This federal judge asks Obama this legitimate question:  Why are you not bringing more Christian refugees into the country?  Quote: "According to Manion, it is “well-documented” that the refugees are not representative of that “war-torn area of the world.” Ten percent of the Syrian population is Christian and “yet less than one-half of 1 percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States this year are Christian.” President Barack Obama set a goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S., and by August that goal had already been exceeded. But of the “nearly 11,000 refugees admitted by mid-September, only 56 were Christian.”  Yet Christian Syrians have been one of the primary targets of the Islamic jihadists infesting Syria and butchering, murdering, and killing civilians. The Islamic State has made it clear that it is going after Christians because it intends to “conquer Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women.”

Obama wants to bring in more un-vetted refugees into the country before he leaves office.   Current efforts to maximize his planned damage to our country before his term ends.

And what about this?  Authorities are concerned about Islamic terror cells in New York and New Jersey.  And this?   And here.  and,

Is this what you want to happen to us?  Sweden has learned a very hard lesson.

This tells you how great Sharia Law really is.  This British woman was gang raped in Dubai and then gets arrested for engaging in extra marital sex. Quote: "A British woman facing jail for extra-marital sex after reporting an alleged gang rape on holiday in Dubai has told of her "nightmare" and said she's "petrified".  Zara-Jayne Moisey, 25, told police in the United Arab Emirates she was violently raped by two British men in the city last month. But instead of being treated as a victim, Zara, from Widnes, who is single after splitting from her husband, was reportedly locked up on suspicion of extra-marital sex and later charged with the offence.  Her passport has been confiscated and she now faces a trial, claim her family and friends."

Quote: "Christians across America should be terrified by Hillary Clinton’s denouncing of Trump supporters as “bigoted” people who are so “deplorable” that they are “irredeemable,” because she was primarily talking about people of faith, as reflected by one of her top Democratic supporters just one day before Clinton’s infamous speech.  While many commentators were stunned by Clinton’s comments, most have overlooked the setting and context. Clinton was speaking in New York City at an LGBT event. And she specified that the “bigoted” and “irredeemable” people she was denouncing are both homophobic and Islamophobic."    It seems that Islamic and LGBT interests supersede those of Christians.  That is odd because Islam is radically anti-LGBT (they kill them while Christians pray they will repent) but she obviously does not see Muslims as being bigoted.  To her that moniker only belongs Christians.  Do you understand that logic?  

This is one of many items the mainstream media has found convenient to overlook.  A Muslim immigrant dad shoots and kills his adult daughter sleeping in bed.  Quote: "Mr. Mansour might have assimilated to Western culture sufficiently to shave his beard and wear jeans but not to accept his daughter behaving like western girls,” said Akbari, author of “Honor Killing: A Professional’s Guide to Sexual Relations and Ghayra Violence from the Islamic Sources.”  After shooting Tahini in the forehead, twice, Mansour stood before a judge later that day and said it was an “accident".   This was no accident.  It was an Islamic sanctioned honor killing.

How is it the left blames these type events on Republicans and conservatives when they are in charge and fostered the rise of terrorism by inviting these type people into our country without our permission?   Quote: "The beautiful fragrance of the American way of life is being overtaken by the stench of dead flies resting on the laurels of political correctness."

Is this the kind of country you want to live in???

Illegal Immigration.

This is an example of the so called benefits of Obama's illegal immigration policies. Quote: "For too long, we’ve been sold this bill of goods about illegal immigrants being a glorious addition to the United States. Obama and Hillary Clinton have cleverly cherry-picked college-bound kids to showcase, ignoring the dark underbelly of this untenable situation. The reaction to Donald Trump’s “they’re sending rapists, etc.” speech proves that their dreamy vision of illegal immigration is spreading.  It’s not about racism, though. It’s about waking the hell up."

Quote: "A Florence court has convicted a Senegalese man of murdering an American woman in her flat after they met at a nightclub. The court has sentenced him to 30 years in jail.  Ashley Olsen, 35, was found dead in her apartment Jan. 9, 2016. An autopsy found that she had been strangled and had suffered skull fractures."

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