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More About Fake News 1

Fake news is real and people need to keep their mind open as to what they read and hear.  Quote: "Of course, liberals being liberals, they lump pretty much every conservative website that gives them a case of the “sads” into the “fake news” category. Breitbart? Fake News. Right Wing News? Fake news. Redstate? Fake news. What they really want is to use “fake news” as an excuse to encourage social media platforms to censor conservatives.  Yet, for every piece of “false news” there are probably five pieces of news put out by left-wing sources that either don’t feel compelled to tell the truth about conservatives, have become largely indistinguishable from Democratic Party press releases or that have fallen so in love with a narrative that they don’t care whether a story is true or not as long as it fits."

A Must Read!!!  This is most relevant to the ongoing discussions regarding Fake News.  Quote: "The use of lies and deception, or as the new term coming into vogue; fake news, has been a standard tool of the trade for over a century by the government and their willing and/or unwilling stooges in the main stream media. (1) A few examples include Newspaper owners William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, with the unspoken blessings of US President, William McKinley, spreading lies to stir up the masses enough to start a war with Spain. (2) This allowed McKinley to start an American empire by taking over the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico at the close of the 19th century. In the following decades, the media has obediently followed along coving up such things as the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin (3) incident, the governmental attack on the Branch Davidians, (4) 9/11, (5) and the Obamacare fiasco. (6) In spite of the lies and distortions presented by the government then spread by an obedient media, there were still some journalists who were doing their job by reporting the truth. In 1983, fifty companies controlled 90% of the American media, today it is just six multinational corporations. (7) They are Viacom, Comcast, Time-Warner, Disney, CBS, and News Corp and these companies are working very hard to make sure that the news you hear is the news they and the government want you to hear. From the anti-Muslim video that “caused” the killing of four Americans at Benghazi, (8) lying about the state of the economy before the 2008 meltdown, (9) to the massive push to promote Obamacare, (10) the main stream media is relentless in pushing the government/corporatist agenda to its audience. This control is the dream of every tyrannical state in history and the US government has almost achieved it".   This posting was also shared in a previous note.

A very interesting assessment of the mainstream "fake news" media.   Here is another good one.

Time will tell if the mainstream media grows up and admits that much of its reporting falls into the fake news category, has for a very long time.  Anyway, Trump will change the approach by which information is disseminated.  It is up to the media to accept their deserved rebuke and start being truthful in their reporting.

The mainstream media in today's world are turning into purveyors of hate speech which is in fact fake news.  This item explains.

This is an exceptional analysis of what the American public is being told on a routine basis by elites in the mainstream media.    Here are six prime examples.  Quote: "That the mainstream media has made an agency of disinformation is irrefutable. That these same purveyors of lies marketed as news are now attacking those of us who, in fact, are accurately reporting is morally opprobrious and disingenuous, but obviously in keeping with their character."

This item points to the stark reality that fake news is not only unethical but dangerous.

It would be safe to say that members of the New York Times editorial board are a lost cause.  They have absolutely no understanding of the Constitution, the reason for the Electoral College or the frustration with the gargantuan failures of leftist policies.  If the Electoral College was not in place.  New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and a few other coastal hangers on would control all the nation's political policies. They are all Democrat controlled enclaves.  Just look at the status of those states and cities.  The people who can are leaving them in droves.  But the New York Times chooses to engage in fake news rather than facts.
This bit of "news" from this site is not fake.  It is disturbing.  This headline shows why.  Quote: "Leftist news site's 'best-case scenario': Assassinate Trump. 'Our double agent is ready to carry out the order'"

Would you call this fake news by mainstream media's failing to report on it?

Democrats do not have the trust of the public when it comes to what they say.

Beware anything Facebook tells you about Fake News.  Do not believe it.  Facebook will use left wing fact checkers to make their determination.  If you think that is fair and balanced okay but you will likely be misled.  They are notoriously biased to the left.

     More about Facebook and it's intent to make sure all news we receive is not fake.  If you believe that,,,, well, you know.

     Facebook is going rogue.  It's orientation is liberal and is moving in the direction of censoring/controlling the conservative point of view, falsely claiming it is the source of fake news.  Most evidence to date is that fake news is perpetrated by left wing outlets or our own government.

     Anytime you learn that George Soros is involved in something you can be sure it is bad.  He is in cahoots with Facebook with its "so called" fact checking scheme.  What will happen is anything that does not comport with the left's prized narratives will be deemed fake news.

     The arrogance of the current Facebook leadership is extraordinary.   They have the audacity to think they have a right to serve as the global censorship agency, as if they have a record of being an honest and upstanding outfit.  The piece towards the end makes a suggestion worthy of consideration, but making Facebook king of the hill is a really bad idea.

Bottom line:  Facebook is willfully engaging in censorship.  I have never trusted Facebook and for that reason never signed up for it.  This link should tell you that Facebook leadership has absolutely no integrity.  They will do anything for the almighty buck.

Journalistic standards at the Washington Post have plummeted to the low of typical liberal fake news standards. Quote: "Facing threats of legal action, the Washington Post has been forced to add an editor’s note distancing the paper from a dubious website, PropOrNot, which it had initially endorsed as a group of nonpartisan experts on “Russian propaganda.”  The Post came under fire on social media for its provocative hit piece which claimed that “Russia’s increasingly sophisticated propaganda campaign” actually influenced the US presidential election.  The article, published late last month, referenced “independent researchers” who allegedly determined that Russian state media, RT and Sputnik News among them, produced “misleading articles online with the goal of punishing Democrat Hillary Clinton, helping Republican Donald Trump and undermining faith in American democracy.”

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