Monday, December 26, 2016

Dear Michelle: There Most Certainly Is Hope

In her usual crass, coarse, and graceless manner, Michelle Obama epitomized the very worst of the America she so disdains when she opined about "hopelessness" regarding the election.  She conveniently forgets about the debt her husband piled up, or the incredible unemployment numbers, or the decrease in Americans' buying power, or the diminution of America's standing in the world, or the worsening race relations – courtesy of her husband.
The Obamas had the means to effect so much positive change.  But as dutiful leftists who hate the United States of America, they were intent upon sowing division and destruction.  They were never concerned about the people, despite all the hype about hope.
It would shock Mrs. Obama to learn that many young people do not share her dismal view of victimization and do not engage in racism.  And despite the anti-Trump hysteria at many colleges, there are those instructors who really do insist upon critical thinking skills.  To that end, this semester, I distributed the following prompt: 

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