Saturday, December 24, 2016

Turns out Obama’s team is doing anything but helping with the transition

He may very well have an angle. And it’s entirely possible that his ego won’t let this last.
  But as much as we’ve criticized just about everything Obama’s done as president - and justifiably so, I would maintain - I can’t help but give him credit now for the way he’s handling the early segments of the transition.
  Obama has been magnanimous in his treatment of Donald Trump, and he seems to remember how professional the Bush team was during the transition to his administration, and seems determined to follow his predecessor’s example and do the same for Trump.
  The Wall Street Journal had a rather extraordinary story about Trump’s surprise at realizing he would have to replace the entire White House staff by Inauguration Day, and about Obama’s realization that he needs to spend more time than he had planned on with his successor, helping to make sure he understands the full scope of the job. 

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