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About Islam, Illegal Immigration and Things 1

A well constructed assessment of our times.   Two Quotes: “Islam is not the problem,” proclaims the Left. And if you say otherwise, you’re a “racist,” even though “Muslim” is not a race. Yet a fact remains: virtually all the world’s terrorists today claim Islamic motivations. So if Islam (belief) is not the problem, are we then left with a genetic explanation for this violence? Is there something inherent in the groups generally embracing Islam — Arabs, Persians, Indonesians, Punjabis, etc. — that would account for it? And, hey, I’m just asking; it’s the liberals who profess ideas suggesting this possibility."  And, "Delving deeper, however, the truth is that, in the most important sense, the secular/religious distinction is a false one. Consider: If God exists, is it more significant that we label belief in Him “religious” or that it’s true? If Marxism is essentially a lie, is it more significant that we label it “secular” or that it’s untrue? The most important distinction, the only one that really matters, is the true and the untrue.  (Note: because we’ve lost sight of this, our courts now essentially say that Christianity cannot be in government schools but Marxism can. Ponder that.)  In the final analysis, people believe things. Some of those things are good and some of those things are bad. Some awfully bad things are believed by a large number of people today. If we want to survive, we’d better recognize what those things are and who promotes them — and act accordingly." 

The sooner Americans understand what this Muslim leader says the sooner we can start dealing with not letting what he says happen. Here's what he tells his Muslim audience.  Quote: "Haitham Ibn Thbait, of the American chapter of Hizb Ut-Tahrir, told American Muslims earlier this year that Islam was not here to integrate, but rather to dominate."  Pay attention to what they say, not what misguided leftist Muslim apologists say. 

Governments in Europe created a real disaster for their countries and their citizens.     Lets hope we do not duplicate their disaster.

As most people know Obama is a vindictive operator with an agenda not hospitable for America.  He is a strong supporter of Islam and an opponent of Israel.  That is obvious from both his words and deeds.  Now he snubs his nose at Israel as he leaves office.  The man is an embarrassment to most Americans and a dishonorable person who regrettably served as president for 8 long unhappy years.

This is a warning that needs to be given strong consideration by all of us.  Quote: "Veteran journalist and WND news editor Leo Hohmann, during a recent appearance on “The Larry Elder Show,” said civilization jihad is a strategy initially devised by the Muslim Brotherhood.  “They use violent jihad, but they also use civilization jihad, which is a long-term form of sort of cultural jihad, so to speak, in which they infiltrate a country, a government from within … use the liberal immigration laws to their advantage and have their people not assimilate into the culture, but live in enclaves and sort of stick to themselves until they get enough numbers, until they build up their numbers, and then we see more violent jihad unfold at that point,” Hohmann explained to Elder."

Would you call this good parenting?

If this does not scare you I don't know what will.  Quote: ""Everything is Christian", Jean-Paul Sartre wrote after the war. Two thousand years of Christianity have left a deep mark on the French language, landscape and culture. But not according to France's Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. She just announced that instead of saying "Merry Christmas", state officials should use "Happy Holidays" -- clearly a deliberate intent to erase from discourse and the public space any reference to the Christian culture in which France is rooted.  Jean-François Chemain called it the "eradication of any Christian sign in the public landscape". A year ago, the controversy was ignited in the French town of Ploermel, where a court decided that the statue of Pope John Paul II, erected in a square, had to be removed for violating "secularism". " 

Societal change is the goal of demands such as those this item documents.  Such demands should never be met.

Many leaders of western nations have abandoned their responsibility to protect their own countries and citizens from outsider harm.  Their "higher" calling to support refugees without regard to safety and welfare of their own people is grossly misguided.  Some refugees are truly that and deserve sympathy and support but far too many others are not and are bent on carrying out jihad against infidels.  Deserving refugees should be supported not by repatriating them to a vastly different culture and expecting a good outcome. And the bad guys need to be rejected out of hand.  True refugees should be relocated in safe areas near their homeland so they can return when circumstances permit.  It is an indisputable fact that Islamic culture is incompatible with western culture.  Conflict is a guaranteed outcome as daily newscasts portray.  The madness must stop.

Quote: "Many of us have long puzzled over the close political affinity among Pelosi Democrats, radical feminists, racial activists, LGBT transgendered language/bathroom extremists, P.C. grievance-study academics, etc. and their apparent polar opposites – namely, misogynist, bloodthirsty, Islamic religious fanatics practicing honor-killings of gays and women while causing death and mayhem with repeated terror attacks upon Western multicultural democracies that preserve religious, cultural, sexual freedoms.  The two “party platforms” seem completely contradictory.
A striking clue to the solution to this conundrum occurred to me while reading the following passage in "'Celebrating' Orientalism," an important essay by Richard Landes, Middle East Quarterly, Winter 2017 (h/t Powerline)."   Read the quote.  Very interesting.

Quote: "It would be clearer for our defense and offense if we stopped using "jihad" and instead picked up the term "qital" when a violent act is committed.  Of course "jihad" will never go out of fashion because it elevates the struggle in Muslim eyes.  But qital and qitalist are more accurate than jihad or jihadist, in much the same way that "war" and "warrior" are more accurate than "struggle" or "struggler" in a context of violence.  Thus, the most dangerous verse in the Quran is 9:29, because it is continuous and admits of no expiration date.  The violent military war (qital) will continue for as long as Islam is alive and radicals keep reading that verse.  Jews and Christians need to be aware that they are the verse's unending targets today and tomorrow.  It staggers belief that the politicians around the Western world refuse to acknowledge this unpleasant truth."

This is a logical follow-up to the previous item.  Quote: "While the Council on American-Islamic Relations likes to bill itself as a Muslim “civil-rights organization,” it downplays its direct ties to the terrorist group Hamas, its lineage to the Muslim Brotherhood and its extremist history that includes dozens of its executives, board members’ and staffers’ indictments, convictions and prison sentences for terror-related crimes.  But sometimes CAIR leadership lets its guard down."  And, "Hussam Ayloush, the long-time director of CAIR-Los Angeles, Tweeted out the following message:  “Ok, repeat after me: “Al-Shaab yureed isqat al-nizaam. “(Arab Spring chant)”  And, "The second line in Arabic translates to “The people want to bring down the regime.”  “In other words, Ayloush unambiguously and directly called for the overthrow of the U.S. government,” observes scholar Daniel Pipes of Middle East Forum."

Would you shoot your daughter three times in the head and call it an accident?

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