Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rabble-rousing activists finally run out of Taxpayers’ Money

Monumentally mouthy Michelle Obama should ditch the pious act in claiming that the election of Donald J. Trump leaves America in a sorry state of “hopelessness”.  Like some of her tacky outfits it doesn’t look good on her.

Here she is in the closing act of her last holiday on American taxpayers taking advantage of an Oprah she once tried to drive out the White House to sanctimoniously tell the world how hopeless life will be without the overbearing presence of the America-hating Obamas.

Blowing some $85 million—and still counting—on lavish vacations; basking in the misery of a president putting down America at every media opportunity available; inserting a dreary message of doom and gloom on bright-eyed, graduating university students;  along with her power-crazed husband making Wednesday nights at the White House,  Booze it Up Central for celebrities and tolerating Barack’s addiction to the golf links hardly qualifies anyone to talk about hopelessness to an 8-year-long hostage called America.

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