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What About The "Fake News" Phenomenon?

This item is very interesting. It examines what "fake news" really is.

Another interesting item.  Not exactly about "fake news" but it is, I think, related.  Quote: "The stark contrast between the scholarly duty to consider all possible explanations before reaching a conclusion and the inability of so many academics to think through their own assumptions, much less defend them, demonstrates fundamental corruption. The very legitimacy of higher education is in peril, particularly the humanities and social sciences.  When there is no possibility of a bridge falling down, and when similarly leftist colleagues are the sole judges of academic merit, a cultural spiral toward the extreme probably is inevitable.  It’s how you get attention from a like-minded crowd.  Unless people like deBoer can yank the leftists out of their political trance, they will be digging their own political graves. At least 70% of the country laughs at the extremes of campus leftists. Political strategies based on a shared fantasy have a poor chance of success."

This is a most interesting TED Talk given by Sharyl Attkisson dealing with propaganda techniques which end up being fake news.  It is about 10 minutes long.

This is also a very interesting item.  It is an assessment of the "fake news" industry, its techniques and intentions.  Quote: "Being a former therapist and instructor in the realm of sociology, psychology, research methods and statistics, I became keenly aware of how frighteningly effective the brainwashing and psyops techniques had become. These techniques are insidious, yet amazingly covert. One, has to be fully educated in these psychological techniques to recognize the subtleties related to the implementation of these practices against the American public."   

Much has be said and written about "fake news."  It is established that the mainstream media has been long engaged in the practice.  However, you may be surprised at who is called out in this piece as the biggest perpetrator.   Quote: "The Government’s Been Deploying Propaganda On U.S. Soil for Many Years."

Mainstream media say they are not the problem.  But,  Quote: "Your must-read for the day, if you have not read it already, is a piece by Nathan J. Robinson in Current Affairs titled The Necessity of Credibility. It thoroughly exposes many examples of “fake news” by Big Media — including their claims that conservatives are routinely engaged in spreading “fake news.”"

During a meeting on 22 Nov 16 between mainstream media heavy weights and Trump, several topics were covered.  This item covers two of them and they highlight the liberty the media takes to write what they want rather than what was said.  They serve as examples of the liberal media's practice of producing "fake news".  

This is a sobering assessment of the currently hot fake news issue. Quote: "Journalists cannot be simple messengers of information. It is within the realm of their responsibilities to investigate and understand what is behind hidden agendas and to convey that information in the best way possible to the readers and viewers, but that does not include lying to the public in an effort to push a political candidate, a political agenda or a specific plan or policy, neither from corporations nor from governments."  And, "As explained by Stephen J. Lendman in his article NYT Urges Internet Censorship, “along with other media scoundrels, it long ago lost credibility, which is why alternative sources of news, information and analysis are growing at their expense.” It has become a key feature of the outlets like the New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN, among others, to “misinform, distort, distract and lie, vital hard truths banished from their reporting – fake news their specialty,” adds Lendman."

Another good example of fake news.

This is interesting.  Liberal media outlet NPR believes it has found the source of the fake news phenomenon.  It is a liberal outfit. 

At least some fake news really is fake.

The media got it all wrong.  Quote: "The representatives of that media have already begun to look inward, wondering if they caused this to happen with all the free coverage they gave Trump back in the primaries.  But while they have correctly identified the “culprit,” they have missed the target when it comes to what they did wrong. It wasn’t the quantity of the coverage; it was the quality of it. They demonized Donald Trump beyond all reason, writing spooky articles about Adolf Hitler without the slightest hint of irony. And with every new exaggeration and every ridiculous lie, they pushed him closer to the White House.  The REAL Donald Trump isn’t New York’s answer to Ted Cruz. He isn’t Barry Goldwater. He isn’t Rush Limbaugh.  He is an entirely new beast of American politics, and he won because he took on a tired, outdated Republican model. His ideology certainly isn’t liberalism, but it isn’t quite conservatism, either. It’s summed up by those two powerful words: America First.  And if he governs with that principle, we are in for a fantastic four years."

This is good advice for all of us.  It deals with more than fake news.

This is an example of currently produced mainstream media fake news.  Quote: "What’s happening here is that the establishment media is attempting to do the same thing to Trump voters it was doing before the election: Painting a false picture of his intentions in order to strip away his support. The why should be obvious – because the propaganda division for the Democratic Party hates the fact that he won and will do everything in its (diminishing) power to undermine him throughout his term(s) in office."

Here is another example of fake news.  Quote: "The establishment media, which is pretty much the propaganda division for the Democratic Party, is so livid that it could not help its self-anointed candidate, "crooked" Hillary Clinton, defeat a billionaire businessman and reality TV star, that it is grasping at any straw possible to explain it.  One of the most implausible of all explanations is that Clinton was done in by a bunch of "fake news" spread by "fake news sites." No doubt ours is high on the lib media's list."   Another slam by a mainstream media outlet that seems committed to continuing its fake news tendencies.  Continuing along this path is not a good idea. 

This is a blunt but sobering piece.  Quote: "This election also proved once again that Barack Obama is a fiction created by the media, as his enthusiastic campaigning for Hillary brought yet another embarrassing rejection of both him and his policies. If there was any doubt about what Americans thought of his “accomplishments,” they were shattered by the results of this election. For the third time in six years, BHO campaigned hard for Dirty Dem candidates— this time with a life-and-death fervor of someone running for a third term, which he was — and once again got his bloated ego handed to him on a platter."  and, "Listen up: Neither Barack Obama nor anyone else on the radical left has any intention of working with either Trump or the Republican Congress. Perhaps a goodly number of Republican Trump haters will timidly get on board the Trump Train in order to protect their own careers, as was evidenced in Paul Ryan’s Save-My-Ass speech Wednesday morning, but Ryan’s after-the-fact overture to Trump was precisely the kind of thing that has long disgusted voters. It was a last minute about-face in the hopes that Trump would keep him on as Speaker of the House, which he almost certainly will.  It would be a tragedy if Trump fell victim to kingitis and lost control of the very movement he led. The millions of enthusiastic people who voted for him did not do so in the hopes that he would “work with” those who are trying to, and succeeding at, destroying America. They voted for him in the belief that he would totally oppose their anti-American agenda and bring down the entrenched and corrupt system of the political class."

Contrast the mainstream media's treatment of a brutal dictator and an American president elect.    What does that say about their obvious left leaning bias?

George Burns

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