Monday, April 3, 2017

Do You Support This Type Of Left Wing Behavior? 3

This is not peaceful left wing behavior conducive to civil discourse.  It is uncivil, disruptive and simply bad behavior of bad people wanting to create discord.  Period.  Have you noticed that when the left wing has held its anti-Trump rallies that pro-Trump counter protestors did not incite violence against them?  I have. When will the unruly thugs on the left learn how to behave like mature adults?

And the "sophisticated" political left claims that during these early days of a baby's life he/she is nothing but a blob or bit of tissue.  Their understanding of biological science is less than impressive. 

Why is it that the political left cannot see the obvious.  Their view of the world through their rose colored glasses skews their understanding of reality.

Can anyone on the left explain why WE must take in Muslim refugees while the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia expels 40,000 Pakestani's for fear they are terrorists?

This is a very, very, very dangerous thing to be doing.  Never worked before.  But, then our leftist friends tend to repeat history instead of learning from it.

This is just one of the negative consequences leftist feminists have caused.  It is all a part of their persistent war against men.

Even some states funding of state supported schools is inadvertently used by students to commit violence against Trump supporters.   Misguided and liberally indoctrinated students are acting out the dark side of the long history of leftist violence. 

A short summary of the decline in civility and decency in our culture visited upon us by the ever decaying political left. 

It is sad but seems to be fact that the left's moral compass is more than a bit askew.  This item sheds light on the subject.

Should this make all leftist proud?   Moral depravity.

The political left and media has abandoned all decency and behave as classless, crass dolts.  It is shameful.  Look at how the treat Trump's wife.  Remember how they fawned over Obama's very undeserving wife who, like him, rarely had anything good to say about our country or its citizens.

The left's complicity in the destruction of our Republic includes many in the court system.   They take rights away from those with Constitutional protections and give them to a special government protected group.

These people are getting meaner every day.  Charges of Nazi sympathizers of Trump and his nominees is nothing short of filty, vile made up attempts to destroy the character of good people.  The ones leveling such charges are the ones acting like Nazis and cannot be categorized as good people.  

The Democrats stoop to low, low levels to fight against Trump.  You will not believe how they used US tax dollars to do their dirty work.

Can you say total and complete hypocrisy? Quote: "Liberals love to bicker with every single thing the President of the United States has been doing since he took office. However, his entire immigration stance comes from exact quotes taken from top Democrats, including former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made while in office.  Yet, if you were to bring up these ideas in an open conversation with a liberal, they would either deny it or say it is completely different. The fact of the matter is what President Trump is doing is completely in line with what top Democrats have been saying for a long time."

Chelsea Clinton seems to be following in the footsteps of her parents.   She is also making noises about entering politics.  Just as in the case of the Bush family it is likely that most Americans have had enough of the Clinton family.  Please just go away.

This poor black guy is a product of the socialistic nonsense propounded by the promoters of leftist ideology.  They are literally destroying common sense with false narratives like white privilege, political correctness and redefining words to fit their ridiculous narratives.  This poor guy has been made sick in the head with the left's destructive nonsense.

Not funny.  Left would be up in arms if a similar stunt was pulled while Obama was in the White House.

Left wing thugs give this 71 year old Trump female staffer a knock out blow.  Do you think this is a "good" example of what leftist behavior?

This should frighten anyone with kids planning to go to colleges.  Well maybe not liberals.  But if you or your kids are not part of the liberal clique you are in deep trouble.  These so called tolerant ones are really and truly not at all tolerant if you do not think just like them.  This is one of hundreds of examples that abound.   Most college and university campuses are primarily filled with liberal professors many of which are like this despicable example.  Think liberals are tolerant???  Not hardly.

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