Monday, April 3, 2017

Do You Support This Type Of Left Wing Behavior? 1

There are lots of items contained in this note. So much is going on that it is hard to keep up. Time permitting pursue items you find of interest.  As the title notes this item focusses on the words and deeds of the political left.  It is true that the political right exhibits similar characteristics but not nearly to the extent of the items contained herein.  Truth is that both political parties are comprised of a large percentage of self serving people pretending to work for the people. Many are corrupt.  Then, you already knew that.

Multiple threats against president Trump's life have been hinted at or blatancy issued in one form or another by a wide range of Democrats/liberals.  And, multiple threats have been made against his family.  All because Hillary lost.  Yet they claim to be for the people and decent government and the party of diplomacy and decorum.  What gives?    Decent people do not behave this way.  How about this disgusting thing directed at Trump's wife.   What kind of people think like this?

Walter Williams provides a good summary in this piece of the behaviors endemic to the political left.  It is not a pretty picture.   More examples follow. 

Quote: "An informed citizenry is the only true government. It is the direction of knowledge over force, for that virtue alone separates the autonomous genius of human society from the coercive genius of the state. We hear the Left in their final agonies, vexed by howls and pinches in defeat -- understanding now, a world too late, that they let America slip through their fumbling hands. But when Democrats who were elected to represent the people's interests have calculated instead to bring them harm with new laws that served only to advance a determined ideological agenda, it is best to remove from them all hope of returning to their instruments. President Trump has shaken the political earth, and anything made of the Left's weak argument will fall of its own corruption. In the aftermath of a transformative election, the American people have torn liberalism open to the bleeding center, and we are hearing the screams of a dying animal. When those who have abused their power begin to act like victims -- when the guilty cry foul -- we know we have done a good thing."

Is this mature adult, tolerant, and responsible behavior?    This is just one example of the consequences of political correctness, hateful and irresponsible behavior.

Funny how the liberals seem to embrace bad people.  Hate has no place in the hearts of anyone anytime anywhere.  Too bad so much of it is going around.
How about this guy.  Rapper Snoop Dog wrote and sanga song that includes the assassination of President Trump.  Does he really think that is entertainment OR does he mean what he says?

A relevant quote: "Marx was not a "great philosopher," as the Bolshie BBC wants you to believe. As an economist, he never produced a single original thought. He was a scapegoating rabble rouser, and agit-prop artist, and one of the most destructive human beings in history. In the 150 years after Marx and Engels' Communist Manifesto of 1848, an estimated 100 million people were murdered by the international left -- not by accident, not as an unintended side effect from trying to make the world better, but as a matter of deliberate policy.   Lynch mobs are a traditional feature of Muslim jihad, too. The "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright, Obama's mentor, specializes in whipping up racist rage and anger against whites, with the exception of leftists who support his "cause." Father Michael Pfleger, another vicious mob agitator in Chicago, sounds like Hitler on one of his radio rants (see YouTube)." 

Does anyone think this so called Hollywood/TV star has any legitimacy in anything he has to say?    He is clearly a left wing nut job who says he would like to assassinate President Obama.  The political left is filled with too many hate mongering people who have nothing good to offer anyone.   Talk about misguided this piece.  Quote: "It’s not that Graham thinks immigrants are bad or even that Muslims are bad. He, along with Donald Trump, just want to have a vetting process in place which gives Americans a more responsible approach to immigration than Obama had in the year before he left office. Obama was letting in thousands upon thousands of immigrants, and was calling for even more. There wasn’t a process in place. ISIS was a threat then and they’re a threat now.  So it makes sense to stop refugees coming into the country until a vetting process is in place. That’s what Trump wanted as well: Security for Americans.  And now people are up in arms over it, trying to crucify Graham."    This kind of hate is in large measure the reason our nation is in such a sorry state.  Secular humanism is not a good thing.

The left wing media is so arrogant that they believe that their socialistic views are non-negotiable, that they say and do is always right and proper. Any other views are mere outliers and not worth consideration and are even the reason for so many of our nation's problems.  This piece serves as an illustration of how they treat anyone who dares to challenge their point of view, their absolute right to control news.  Quote: "“To them, conservatism is odd,” said Limbaugh. “To them, liberalism is not an ideology. This is fundamental. You may think, of course it is. It is not to them, folks. Liberalism is just the way things are. Liberalism is au natural. Liberalism just is. It’s like the air just is. Conservatism is the odd, kooky, weird, offset thing.”  While it’s true what Rush has to say about the media and their intentions, we still think it’s worth it for Sean Hannity and others to do these interviews. Yes, they will be ambushed, but they can still get through to at least a small segment of the audience. And by drawing attention to the way the programs try to paint conservatism in a negative light, you open up a few more eyes."  

This unethical man cares not one whit for what the American people voted for.  He cares only what he and his fellow socialists want.  He is an obstructionist.

It gets even more worse.   Such is the wisdom of the political left's Hollywood elites.   Do you think this was meant to exonerate their beloved liberal former President Clinton who was indeed a rapist???  His morals cannot be defended nor can those of his enabler wife.

How is this for a legitimate Democrat party strategy to fight Trump's presidency?  File law suits by the dozens whether legitimate or not.  This disgusting tactic will waste millions of tax payer dollars fighting frivolous lawsuits.  Quote: "The new DNC chairman says "The newly elected chair of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" that the Democratic Party's message will be carried out in part through lawsuits against President Trump.  Perez, the former secretary of labor under President Obama, made the comment after host Chuck Todd asked if he is content with the Democratic Party being known as the party of "no."

Unfortunately, the goings-on by leftist pundits and especially discombobulated activists substantiates the truth contained in this piece.

How hypocritical can Hillary and her leftist friends be???   This has been shared before but given the left's obsession with Trump ties with Russia it is worth a replay.

Senator Chuck Schumer is a lying no good elected official.  He is an attack dog on anyone who does not agree with the radical left and lies repeatedly which proves he opens his mouth and tells lies with impunity.  This is one of many examples I could catalogue.   Even the president of Planned Parenthood admits they do not do mammograms.    The point?  You cannot trust anything Schumer says.  And, he is a disgusting hypocritical leftist obstructionist.

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