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Do You Support This Type Of Left Wing Behavior? 4

This is another example of left wing "tolerance".   A teacher gets fired because of support of Trump.  Such tolerance of diverse views are a hallmark of leftist thinking, don't you think?    Here is an observation from former Congresswoman Bachmann.  Quote:
“‘Diversity’ in public schools means mandatory conformity to the Marxist left’s anti-American politically correct views,” Bachmann said. “The penalty for diversity of opinion, to him, is expulsion.   “This is the ultimate in thought police,” she added. “No one hates freedom of thought, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of worship more than the politically correct left.”  “They have contempt for our immigration laws and no tolerance for traditional values.”

How about this.  A teacher was fired because he supports Trump.  That is a prime example of the left's vaunted inclusiveness and tolerance.  The truth is the political left of today is the most intolerant sector of our population. 

This may well be a really good idea.   In addition to the reasons cited in the previous piece, consider the contents of this one.

What is it that the political left does not understand about people this evil?

This is a revealing piece in as much as it illustrates that you can tell the character of people by who they hang out with.  Here I am talking about both Obama and Hillary.  They commiserated with this elected official knowing full well she long been corrupt.  Birds of a feather you might say. 

People like this do no deserve any respect.  They are anti-American if they think the socialistic left is a good path to follow.

It is good to finally get facts on political goings on.  The leftist media ignores anything that might tarnish liberal interests.  So, independent digging is necessary by honest sorts.

Far too many businesses have illogically picked up the radical left wing's banner.  The content of this piece is absolutely mind blowing.
Democrats are literally conducting a war against American citizens.  Quote: "Try to imagine the absurdity of political leadership in the US and Europe during the 21st century. Western governments inflicted so much death and destruction that they created millions of Muslim refugees in order to accept as immigrants peoples who might harbor thoughts of revenge.  Are we to conclude that there is no such thing in the US and Europe as a liberal/progressive/left, only Soros-funded protesters for hire, as in the orchestrated Maiden protests in Kiev and today in Macedonia and Hungary? Correct or not, this is the conclusion of many.  Illegitimate protests discredit all protests. Could we be witnessing the ruling oligarchy using its pawns to discredit in advance valid protests at the time when they move to reassert their control?"

Quote: "Civilization isn't going to end because many Americans don't like Trump's policies. And Americans still have the ability to resist politically without engaging in violence. The left believes that it has a monopoly on nonofficial violence, which is why former President Barack Obama shied away from the harsh condemnation of riots in major American cities. But all that did was fray the social fabric to the point where tribalism has become mainstream political discourse."

This is insane.   Here is a brief discussion why the left's position is in fact insane.  Quote: In a recent interview, "Hohmann, author of the new book "Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad,"  said,  "I have never seen the left so enraged and aroused and just out there causing chaos and havoc in any way they can," Hohmann told host Susan Knowles in a an interview on "Stand for Truth Radio.  'They're just frothing at the mouth about these new executive orders coming out of the White House.  In fact, each of the last five presidents at some point exercised their right to suspend the entry of certain individual aliens or classes of aliens, according to a recent report from the Congressional Research Service.  There is nothing “nothing“ radical about what President Trump has done, and yet you see the left just seething with hatred and just foaming at the mouth, just coming unglued."   This cartoon is right on target. 

This female professor is either a degenerate or mentally ill or both.

This former female professor and now senator from Massachusetts is just another leftist who is a compulsive liar.  Been caught many times doing so.  Here's her latest episode.

For some reason left wingers, including judicial courts are going totally mad.  This accounting shows how discombobulated they have become. 

The more I dig into the topic of bad current left wing spate of bad behavior the more I am convinced there is some type of collective mania going on.  Far too many have demonstrated troubling symptoms.

Democrats need to be reminded that they set the conditions for Supreme Court nominees. Yet, they think what was okay for them to do is not proper for Republicans to do.    This item assesses the lies/misrepresentations Sen. Schumer spoke regarding Supreme Court nominees.    He is trying his best to become the new Harry Reid whose tenure as senate majority leaders was pure obstruction of anything Republican.

This illustrates the difference between both Obama and Hillary and President Trump.  As the piece notes could you visualize Hillary ever doing this?  And, Obama for that matter?

If you think Harry and Schumer are bad this item provides a glimpse of Omama's incompetence and lack of concern for the safety of the nation's citizens.

Liar, liar pants on fire.  This former Clinton cabinet member is a well known socialist and knowingly issues forth this lie.   Left wingers are rioting but he claims it is the right.  Foolishness in the face of evidence.  And the media types gave his a pass...lying collaborators they are. 

It has long been known but the left continues to lie and cover the truth of the founding purpose of Planned Parenthood.

You will find it interesting what happened to this California senator.  As the item reports, she is a victim of the very monster she and her Democrats helped create.  Serves her right.

The hypocrisy of today's Democrat party is beyond the pale.  Hopefully this will wipe out their amnesia.

Can anyone tell me this makes any sense at all.  What a waste.

As this one responsible liberal with common sense, even though he worked for Obama, says the left SHOULD support Trumps nominee for the Supreme Court.    You can ignore Elizabeth Warran's off the wall comments.  I have been reading accounts that suggest many of those who elected her to office are now suffering from buyer's remorse.

This is something else the Democrats have chosen to ignore and issue hissy fits over Trump's following its bipartisan guidelines.  I am truly tired of the totally irresponsible left's behavior, lies and ignorance of facts.

Lie, cheat, steal is a way of life for far too many Democrats. Many times they even get caught but it does not matter.  They never learned how to be honest.  Getting their way no matter what or how is their abiding motto.

More leftist lies and fake news.  Caught at it again. Cruz seems to have the correct diagnosis for the political left problem. 

Sad, sad, sad.   This is Obama's and a major piece of the legacy of the political left resulting from his eight years in office.

More sadness.

This is about the looney left.

Check out this piece.  It tries to make sense of the ongoing nonsense.

George Burns

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