Tuesday, September 14, 2021

What's Liberating About 2 Million Mothers Quitting Work In The Last Year

A surprising number of women are responding to lockdowns in an unanticipated way: trading their jobs for more time at home.

In September 2020 alone, more than 800,000 women left the workforce.

There is little indication most of these women are leaving or downsizing their work under duress, or at the expense of keeping food on the table.

Women are responding to the pandemic by reordering their lives to a saner pace, one more centered on home.

Recent findings from an Institute for Family Studies study underscore that what's happening at home never quite leaves a woman's psyche: even for women who kept working post-pandemic, more than half of those surveyed would prefer to work from home most or at least half of the time.

How many children will also benefit from having a parent more accessible, more present? The aftereffects of 2020 may well be the existential moment we admit we've let an out-of-control culture place insane expectations on our lives as women.

The tribe of women one might call "Overwhelmed mothers with demanding jobs" has grown significantly over the past ten years.


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