Friday, September 10, 2021

‘We Can't Afford to Do Everything' In $3.5 Trillion Budget: Democratic Congresswoman

This is necessary, wrote Manchin, to "Allow for a complete reporting and analysis of the implications a multitrillion-dollar bill will have for this generation and the next." A spokesman for Sinema was even more emphatic that the senator "Will not support a budget reconciliation bill that costs $3.5 trillion."

With this intention in mind, Murphy went on to criticize the lack of transparency on the bill, claiming that members of the Ways and Means Committee have not gotten the text of the legislation or Congressional Budget Office's analyses of several subtitles of the legislation.

Democratic leadership has insisted since its inception that most if not all of the bill would be paid for by increasing taxes on the wealthy and on corporations.

The current deadline for writing, marking up, and passing the bill is Sept. 27, cemented by an agreement Pelosi made with moderate members of the Democratic caucus.

Progressives, controlling nearly 100 votes of the party's 212 members, refused to vote for the moderate-supported infrastructure bill before voting on and passing the budget; Moderates, on the contrary, refused to vote for the budget before passing the infrastructure bill.

This has left Democratic lawmakers scrambling to draft, gather support for, and pass the bill.

Concluding her comments, Murphy once again emphasized that the rushed nature of the proceedings to pass the legislation would doom the bill in the Senate. 

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