Sunday, September 12, 2021

“Two Faces of Fauci” — The Structure of the Pseudo-Scientific Covid Revolution

According to the CDC, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic killed "At least 50 million worldwide with about 675,000 [deaths] occurring in the United States." Efforts to combat that pandemic, the CDC says, "Were limited to non-pharmaceutical interventions such as isolation, quarantine, good personal hygiene, use of disinfectants, and limitations of public gatherings, which were applied unevenly." Public health scholars use the terms "Non-pharmaceutical interventions" or "NPIs" to refer to measures like social distancing.

With respect to vaccines, Bush complained that "The number of vaccine manufacturers in America has plummeted as the industry has been flooded with lawsuits," which "Leaves our nation vulnerable in the event of a pandemic." Bush urged Congress to "Pass liability protection for the makers of life-saving vaccines." A little more than a month later, Congress responded by enacting the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act or PREP Act, which provides manufacturers of pandemic countermeasures such as the COVID-19 vaccines, and every element of the supply chain up to and including the health care providers who inject them into patients, with immunity from lawsuits.

The Bush Administration's National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza, also published in November 2005, stated that "Individual action is perhaps the most important element of pandemic preparedness and response," such that "Limitation of attendance at public gatherings and non-essential travel for several days or weeks" may be necessary.

The index "Assumes" a "Pandemic without interventions." As a result, some would argue it is impossible to situate the COVID-19 pandemic on the above spectrum because NPIs have been used in that case.

Even in the most extreme pandemic scenario - a category 4 or 5 pandemic - the CDC recommended school closures "Should encompass up to 12 weeks of intervention in the most severe scenarios." In less severe category 2 or 3 pandemics, the CDC advised "Short-term implementation" of school closures, "That is, less than 4 weeks." Of course, in 2020, schools in this country were closed for months on end.

In 2007, JAMA published an article entitled "Nonpharmaceutical Interventions Implemented by US Cities During the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic." At the time, Anthony Fauci said this publication "Suggest[ed] that a primary lesson of the 1918 influenza pandemic is that it is critical to intervene early," and that "Nonpharmaceutical interventions may buy valuable time at the beginning of a pandemic while a targeted vaccine is being produced." The study became a go-to source at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Results suggest NPIs have key role in slowing rate of growth of the pandemic until vaccination or antiviral drugs become available. Many countries may not have access to pandemic vaccine or to antiviral drugs, further highlighting the importance of NPIs. Models of the spread and control of pandemic influenza have the potential to assist policy makers with decisions about which control strategies to adopt." 

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