Saturday, September 11, 2021

Things Worth Considering 3

But the loyal believers of very suspicious covid-1 nonsense abound. This item explains. Quote: "Elected Officials Pushing Back Against Covid Vaccine Mandates.  Every American has the fundamental right to make their own choices when it comes to vaccines. There is growing evidence that the nationwide grassroots campaign to oppose Covid vaccine mandates is working.  In the latest example of an elected leader opposing vaccine mandates, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich issued an official finding this week stating that a Tucson city ordinance requiring city employees get Covid vaccinated or face suspension is illegal. The city was in clear violation of a law passed by state lawmakers in June which specifically prohibits state and local governments from requiring any person to be vaccinated for Covid. Americans for Limited Government applauds AG Mark Brnovich for standing up for the rule of law. Progressive, power-hungry politicians have trampled on our civil liberties and individual freedoms during this pandemic. We need more elected officials fighting back against this unconstitutional takeover of our country. While it is true the state law doesn’t take effect until the end of September, Brnovich was right to put a halt to vaccine mandates now. An employee forced to obtain a vaccine now cannot go back and undo any harm that might occur. Americans for Limited Government is fighting these government mandates across the country. So far, our supporters have sent one million emails to local, state, and federal lawmakers rejecting Covid vaccine mandates and passports.   We need more lawmakers to stand up like Brnovich to protect our freedoms. This is not a case against vaccines, just against vaccine mandates. Every American has the fundamental right to make their own choices when it comes to vaccines, and what they choose to do is no one’s business, least of all the government’s.”    Elected Officials Pushing Back Against Covid Vaccine Mandates (  

Until the WHO and CDC produces hard evidence that Covid-19 exists, more people need to join this bandwagon and resist the efforts the Biden administration is now attempting to push private entities to refuse people the right to choose what they put in their bodies or suffer the fateful consequences. That is fascist tyranny on full display.  Here is Biden's latest tyrannical dictate.    Biden’s New Vaccine Requirements Draw Praise, Condemnation and Caution - The New York Times ( 


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