Sunday, September 12, 2021

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By now everyone knows Biden acts like he is in charge but his obvious questionable mental state convinces most of us that is not the case. His most recent Covid-19 vaccine mandate is indicative of what a far left wing political fascist dictator would do. It is definitely not the behavior expected by a duly elected president of all the people. Biden's political history, while not stellar by any account, does not match with his current "reading of the teleprompter" rants. They are obviously written for him by his far left wing handlers. They reveal that he can mostly read but his understanding of what he is saying is questionable, at best. The words out of his mouth at this most recent briefing were filled with obvious lies, purposeful misdirection, and violates the very Constitution he pledged to uphold. This item explains.
         Quote: "Biden’s vaccine mandates will tear America apart, threatens more than 30 million unvaccinated workers’ jobs. “This is not about freedom, or personal choice. It’s about protecting yourself and those around you. The people you work with. The people you care about. The people you love. My job as President is to protect all Americans.” That was President Joe Biden on Sept. 9, outlining his plan via an emergency Department of Labor regulation to require all employees who work at employers with 100 or more employees, about 80 million, to show proof of getting the Covid vaccine as a condition for employment. In addition, about 17 million health care workers who administer Medicare and Medicaid patients are also being required to the shot. To date, more than 208 million Americans have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine, about 63 percent of the population, and 177 million are fully vaccinated. In addition, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimates there have been more than 150 million Covid infections nationwide since early 2020. Biden is doing this under the guise of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which derives its authority under the Constitution under Article 8, Section, that is, Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce. This isn’t commerce. These are individual health choices, liberty that will be deprived under the Fifth Amendment without any due process of law.  [...]          
       Overall, the non-vaccination rate for the ages of 16 and above is currently 31.6 percent. If that holds true in health care workers and those who work at franchises with 100 or more employees, then about 30.6 million unvaccinated workers’ jobs are on the line, who will be disproportionately younger. That is more than the 25 million who lost their jobs to the Covid lockdowns by April 2020. If the 30.6 million were all suddenly fired, the national unemployment rate would skyrocket to over 25 percent. This is a national lockdown of the unvaccinated by other means. By the way, the unvaccinated are disproportionately Republican. If this is not overturned by the Supreme Court as an unconstitutional deprivation of liberty and as being far beyond the scope of the Commerce clause, it could very well cause an economic depression — Biden’s depression — and tear this country apart at the seams."      Biden’s vaccine mandates will tear America apart, threatens more than 30 million unvaccinated workers’ jobs (

This is the consequence Biden is now facing with his unconstitutional vaccine mandate.  Quote: "Biden Crushed Under Wave Of Lawsuits After Violating The Constitution. Last night, Joe Biden revealed his last, desperate push to increase the number of vaccinated Americans. We know he failed to hit his goal by the July 4th deadline—and has been scrambling to save face ever since. But now, he is overstepping his authority and the Constitution to require private companies to vaccinate their employees. We have to wonder why the administration would take such a drastic step, knowing that this mandate will not hold up in court. Perhaps he’s trying to distract from the ongoing failure that is Afghanistan (or the border, or the economy, or the rising crime, etc.)? Perhaps there is something else going on and he wants Americans focused on this bogus new move? Whatever the reasons, leaders are already explaining he does not have the legal authority to coerce companies to get their workers vaccinated. And already business owners are defying this wannabe dictator.      
       Private employers have already declared they will file lawsuits against President Joe Biden’s authoritarian nationwide vaccine mandate for private companies with over 100 employees… Fresh off of the heels of Biden’s announcement, Charlie Kirk and others made clear they will not force their employees to get vaccinated and threatened the administration with a lawsuit… Others tweeted that the mandate may be unconstitutional and the order will not hold up once a civil case is brought before the United States court system. Kansas Sen. Dr. Roger Marshall (R) called the mandate “an all-out assault on private business, our civil liberties, and our entire constitutional system of limited government. This will likely get struck down in the court – but is a terrifying glimpse of the new Marxist Dem Party.” [Source: Breitbart
       There is no question, the administration will get hammered with lawsuits over this move. It is far less about the vaccine and more about setting a precedent over what the government can or cannot do. Just think about it, if Biden can force companies to do this, what can’t he force them to do? Perhaps next he’ll want companies to monitor their workers’ free time at home? Install security cameras to make sure they’re not supporting “white supremacy.” Demand women implement birth control to avoid “unwanted pregnancies.” Or worse. There would be no limit to what the federal government would do, if Biden gets away with this. The Department of Labor does not have the authority to make demands of private companies, just as the CDC cannot pass a ban on evictions for renters. We have to wonder what adviser told Biden to do this. It seems that Biden has just about the worst staff in presidential history. Or, was this a decision Biden did on his own? If that is the case, it’s even worse."    Biden Crushed Under Wave Of Lawsuits After Violating The Constitution | Sons of 1776

This item illustrates just how far to the left our already left wing Democrat political partisans have gone and how totally corrupt they now are. If the Supreme Court does not agree with them then the Democrats pledge to take action to force them to pass their agenda by putting left wing partisan judges on the court so they can get their way all the time. They do not care about what we the people want, need and deserve. They only care about having their far left wing and destructive political agenda as the law of the land. Anyone who does not understand that fact is not paying attention to what they have been up to ever since Obama was elected president. Truth be told they have been increasingly adopting Marxist political ideology for 50 years or more. It started rising to the surface with Obama and has exploded into overt actions with Biden.
        Quote: "Democrats Reignite Court-Packing Plot After Recent Supreme Court Abortion Decision. After the U.S. Supreme Court recently declined to halt Texas’ abortion law, the radical wing of the Democratic Party is doubling down on its plot to overthrow America’s highest court. The Court’s decision prompted several Democrats—including Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Mondaire Jones (D-NY), Cori Bush (D-MO) and Senator Ed Markey (D-MA)—to take to Twitter and renew their radical proposals to pack more justices on the Court: Their responses make it abundantly clear that the Democrats’ call to “reform” the Supreme Court is really a disguise for an attempt to rig the judicial system in their favor and gain more political power. And if this recent outcry weren’t enough, one need only to recall the way Democrats responded virtually every time that the Court’s decisions didn’t favor their political agenda or ideology.
       Indeed, the Leftist scheme to stage a Supreme Court Coup has always been about getting around decisions they don’t like. This was evident when Democrats previously let out a collective groan over a number of Supreme Court decisions from its most recent term that concluded in June—including two rulings that were very favorable to religious liberty. Instead of an independent branch that serves to uphold the Constitution, proponents of court-packing view the Supreme Court as a tool they can manipulate to rubber stamp their radical policies and agendas. Any ruling that doesn’t go their way provides one more excuse to advocate the addition of partisan justices."    Democrats Reignite Court-Packing Plot After Recent Supreme Court Abortion Decision | News | First Liberty   
       Our current crop of progressive Democrat socialist party's left wing elitist leadership oversees the most corrupt and radically left wing Marxist friendly political party in our nation's history.

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