Saturday, September 11, 2021

There’s A Reason DC Democrats Are Always Winning, Even When They Lose

Nobody is passionate about Biden himself, and in 2022 Democrats won't be turning out to vote against Trump, so even if Biden were doing a bang-up job he'd still be in for what his old boss called "a shellacking." But Biden is not doing a great job - he's doing terribly.

Why? To explain, let's take a step back first and look at the budget fights raging right now: Trillions of dollars in spending on what? "From Cradle to Grave," The New York Times headline blared, "Democrats Move to Expand Social Safety Net." "The $3.5 trillion social policy bill that lawmakers begin drafting this week," it reads, "Would touch virtually every American, at every point in life, from conception to old age." It's amazing: The Times is so excited they're actually admitting that unborn children are alive.

True, there's no guarantee Democrats will get everything they want in this fight, although if they don't it will be because of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, not Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Do you think the public is happy that the military is giving out free transgender operations and having generals learn about "White rage"? Do they like their children being fed critical race theory? Do they like COVID relief being handed out based on skin color rather than need? Of course not, but Democrats know that if they can get those policies implemented now, many of them will remain forever.

They'll lose Democrats in the process, but so be it - there will be more Democrats in the future.

It's impossible to watch politics professionally for over a decade, through some of its liveliest battles in a long time, and not come to the understanding that Democrats in general do politics differently.

Democrats, on the other hand? They look at politics like the Russians looked at Stalingrad: The congressman in front votes now; when they fall the next man gets elected and he will vote too. 

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