Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Stanford Professors Urge U.S. Government To End Hunt For Chinese Spies!

Reuters Is reporting that Stanford professors are urging the United States to end its hunt for Chinese spies within academia.

Strangely enough most of the Chinese spies we catch turn out to be Chinese - that's not common sense apparently.

Recently, Stanford University rolled out a new center hosting scholars, guests, and programs affiliated with groups backed by the Chinese Communist Party.

"Higher education has yet to truly grasp the threat of close partnership with the Chinese government. Confucius Institutes continue to close left and right, but many colleges are simply replacing them with similar centers still funded by China. Stanford not only maintains a Confucius Institute but has just launched another center with alarming attachments."

"Stanford has extensive business interests in and very deep entanglements with the PRC. For example, Stanford established the"Stanford Center at Peking University" in 2012 purportedly for "collaboration" with Chinese researchers.

As Stanford must know, Peking University is directly controlled by Chinese Communist Party officials and recently even amended its charter to reinforce its long-standing role as a tool of the Chinese communists.

"Although Chinese students have actively protested CCP control of and the increasingly strict CCP restrictions on free speech and free expression at universities and elsewhere, it appears that Stanford's last notable public comment on these concerns was published in January 2013. At that time, discussing Stanford's"Confucius Institute," Stanford did at least note that "[t]here has been some controversy over the grand mission here.


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