Tuesday, September 14, 2021

No, ‘Anti-Vax' Republicans Are Not To Blame For The Weakening Economy

That would explain her desperate attempt a few days ago to blame Republicans for the worrisome economic signs we are seeing.

Expect more of this sort of fact-free nonsense as the economy struggles in the weeks and months ahead. "The American economy is weakening," Filipovic begins.

It won't surprise anyone to learn that a writer for CNN is going to point a finger at those evil anti-vax insurrectionist Trump-loving Republicans.

Filipovic, for example, complains that by not taking COVID seriously enough or slavishly following every dictate to come out of Anthony Fauci's mouth, Republicans are creating an economic crisis.

That will just make finding a way to blame Republicans for continued economic struggles all the more difficult.

The reason the economy is struggling is that Biden decided to abandon every pro-growth Trump policy.

Of course, the more the economy suffers under President "Build Back Better" Biden, the more the Filipovics will come out of the woodwork trying to blame Republicans.


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