Monday, September 13, 2021

Inside Afghanistan – A Curtain Of Ignorance And Darkness Descends

Multiple reports coming out of Afghanistan indicate that infighting within the Taliban has exploded.

Senior Haqqani Network leader Anas Haqqani has been severely wounded, and Mullah Baradar has been killed according to these reports.

The Taliban responded to the reports of Baradar's death by releasing an audio recording and a signed document both allegedly produced by Baradar.

Video is now emerging of Taliban fighters going door to door in parts of Kabul populated by Panjshir people, rounding them up and taking them away to unknown locations.

The American people are being fed the lie that the Taliban have changed and are no longer terrorists or dedicated to our destruction.

The Taliban are thugs, like some sort of medieval mixture of the Mafia and holy warriors.

We are watching as a curtain of ignorance and darkness descends across Afghanistan. 

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