Sunday, September 12, 2021

Australia Imposes New Restrictions on Prescribing Ivermectin for COVID-19

Australia's medicine and therapeutics regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, has introduced new restrictions on the prescribing of ivermectin for COVID-19 and other off-label use.

The TGA, an agency under Australia's Department of Health, announced that the changes were introduced "Because of concerns with the prescribing of oral ivermectin for the claimed prevention or treatment of COVID-19.".

Stromectol ivermectin 3mg is the only oral ivermectin product that is TGA-approved.

Ivermectin is not TGA-approved for use to treat COVID-19 in Australia.

The TGA in its announcement asserted that there are "a number of significant public health risks associated with taking ivermectin in an attempt to prevent COVID-19 infection rather than getting vaccinated."

The agency added that people who think they are protected from COVID-19 by taking ivermectin "May choose not to get tested or to seek medical care if they experience symptoms," and claimed that doing so "Has the potential to spread the risk of COVID-19 infection throughout the community."

Federal MP George Christensen, a Liberal Party member from the state of Queensland, posted on Telegram a photo of his medications, writing, "My ivermectin treatment pack. Prescribed by a GP. Now the TGA has banned GPs from prescribing the drug off-label. It's a decision they will regret." 

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