Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Watch Pelosi urge people to 'join us' at mass gathering last month amid coronavirus

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has accused President Trump of "Fiddling" while the coronavirus took lives, was encouraging people in San Francisco's Chinatown a little more than a month ago to "Join us" in a massive gathering.

Pelosi, touring San Fran's Chinatown Feb. 24: "We do want to say to people, come to Chinatown, here we are come join us" pic.

SpeakerPelosi blames Trump for Coronavirus deaths: "The president, his denial at the beginning, was deadly. His delaying of getting equipment to where it - his continued delay in getting equipment to where it's needed is deadly as the president fiddles, people are dying." pic.

In the report by KPIX-TV in San Francisco, a reporter noted Pelosi wanted residents to understand it's "Perfectly safe to be here" in Chinatown.

The reporter said it was a response to San Francisco's Chinatown experiencing a drop in business since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Health officials in Democratic-led New York City also urged people in February to gather in crowds to "Defy" the coronavirus.

Barbot said on Feb. 9 that people should flock to Chinatown in large numbers.


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