Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Things Worth Thinking About 2

Here is present day Hillary doing her left wing thing. She still thinks, as unethical as she is she should be president even while being investigated by the FBI for possible (probable) criminal acts. Get a load of this disgusting and irresponsible twitter rant wherein she recommends what we citizens we should do in response to Trump's guidance.  Quote: "Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton criticized President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and told her Twitter followers to ignore his guidance."   https://www.westernjournal.com/hillary-clinton-responds-coronavirus-urging-people-ignore-trumps-guidance/?   That tells us all we need to know about how much of a disaster her presidency would have been.  If you want to take the time here is what people are saying about her grossly irresponsible rant.  https://www.redstate.com/alexparker/2020/03/27/hillary-clinton-coronavirus-he-did-say-america-first-trump-twitter-outrage/?

After the brouhaha the left wing Democrats and mainstream media have made over claim of Trump's failure to provide much needed gas masks, we finally get to the bottom of this pile of you know what.  Lo and behold who do you think we find there?  Former left wing president Barack Obama.   Quote: "As hospitals struggle to obtain N95 respirator masks amid the coronavirus outbreak, Democrats have been quick to lay the blame at President Donald Trump’s feet. But a new report reveals that the Obama administration is responsible for the medical mask shortage. The stockpile was deleted in 2009 when the H1N1 swine flu broke out. The Obama administration pulled roughly three-fourths of the masks from the federal government’s supply, but never replenished it, according to Bloomberg News. Even after two separate organizations urged the Obama department of Health and Human Services to restock N95 masks, the administration failed to act, according to the Los Angeles Times. According to Charles Johnson, president of the International Safety Equipment Association,  about 100 million N95 respirator masks were used up during the swine flu pandemic. This association warned the Obama administration that failure to replenish the 100 million masks used could result in a catastrophe, but Johnson maintained that he is unaware of any “major effort to restore the stockpile to cover that drawdown.”    https://www.libertyheadlines.com/obama-depleted-mask-stockpile/   Just one more of the countless screw-ups committed while Obama was president.   More.  https://www.americanlibertyreport.com/articles/obama-biden-left-national-medical-supply-stockpile-depleted/    And the political left crowd actually think they should be in charge of running our country...???  We have already seen that movie and I for one do not want to see it again for me, my family and friends, our country and ALL of our fellow citizens.

The political left progressive Democrat socialists are at a loss at Trump's obvious command of things they seem unable to understand.  Their dissonance is obvious every where we look.  It is a truly sad display of unethical and completely dysfunctional behavior.  Here is a prime example of the abject foolishness they display in their desperate but futile attempts to destroy him because sane people see through all of their incessant lies and deceptive behavior.  Quote: "I’ll spare you the tantrum-throwing that Wang engages in throughout this article, which features her calling the Republicans a “death cult” which is hilarious seeing as how Jezebel is one of the most pro-abortion rags on the net. Suffice to say she takes a long time to get around to the point that the reason Trump’s approval ratings aren’t in the dirt is that in lieu of having massive rallies, he’s now using the Coronavirus as a way to appear to millions of American people through his daily press conferences, and is using that to boost his standing."  Foolishness and demented lies reigns. Prey tell, what is he suppose to do. Idiots sure do idiotic things.   https://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2020/03/25/trumps-high-approval-numbers-have-the-left-enraged/  Think of where we would be if Obama was still in office.  This former Obama official provides us with insights...    https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/03/27/obama-official-busted-for-spreading-false-story-about-hospital-lacking-ventilators-making-decisions-not-to-treat-people/? 

This is so typical.  Left wing miscreants use every excuse in the book to avoid admitting THEY SCREWED UP all the while blaming others who are the actual victims of their incessant screw ups.  The star of this piece is New York Governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Quote: "After Cuomo Attacks, Trump Exposes How NY's Ventilator Shortage Is Traced Straight to Cuomo Himself. While the Trump administration is directing resources to the state, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is predictably using the crisis for his own political posturing by complaining about the state’s lack of ventilators. The problem is, Cuomo didn’t prepare his state when he had the chance — but he’s blaming the Trump administration’s supposed lack of response. To aid Cuomo and his constituents, the federal government is going to build four emergency hospitals, station one navy hospital ship offshore to help, and has already mobilized the National Guard and sent necessary equipment to the state, the New York Post confirmed Sunday. Despite the Trump administration’s swift and thorough response, Cuomo complained in a news conference Tuesday about his state’s lack of ventilators, which are vital to patients with acute respiratory distress caused by coronavirus infection."  The political left's default position is to screw up and then always place the blame on Trump. Incompetent cowards always deflect attention from their own mistake.  For instance, it was the incompetent Obama who left the federal government in a lurch by refusing to restock N95 supplies for future needs after HE used them up for the swine flu pandemic. Yet people like Cuomo and all left wing miscreants in the mainstream media blame Trump for Obama's screw up.   https://www.westernjournal.com/cuomo-attacks-trump-exposes-nys-ventilator-shortage-traced-straight-cuomo/?  If you do not believe me, look it up.  Here is another prime example.    https://www.bizpacreview.com/2020/03/26/de-blasio-on-desperate-anti-trump-crusade-after-botching-covid-19-response-from-the-get-go-901518?   These people are as dishonest as they are at refusing to accept responsibility for their incalculable number of irresponsible errors in judgment and much, much more.

This is an accounting of the total lack of journalistic ethics on full display by our rotten left wing fleet of purveyors of fake news and completely unjustified behavior of journalistic miscreants.    https://www.westernjournal.com/alleged-chinese-spy-arrested-vials-biological-material-boston-airport-december/?

This item is directly related to our nation's population of left wing miscreants who absolutely worship cultural Marxism.  Those involved are K-12 and university educators, mainstream media personalities at all levels, self serving socialist leaning millionaires and billionaires,  social media champions, Hollywood and entertainment personalities, anti-religious personalities and organizations, far too many members of the progressive Democrat socialist party at all levels and more. These are not nice people on any scale that measures moral, ethical and responsible thinking and behavior. Neither do they abide common decency and civility nor have respect for anyone who does not agree with them on any matter of substance.   https://firstliberty.org/news/hostility-at-harvard/?   These people are literally destroying our country.

This is one of the miscreants that fit the mold of those cited in the previous paragraph.    https://flagandcross.com/ocasio-cortez-upset-that-non-citizens-wont-get-1200-coronavirus-stimulus-checks/  This is another one.   https://flagandcross.com/biden-blames-trump-for-3-million-people-going-unemployed-during-covid-19-pandemic/  This ABC's The View co-host is another hate filled left wing miscreant. 
Mind you, I am no fan of Mark Cuban but I applaud him for refusing to fall into her trap to get him to bad mouth Trump.   https://www.westernjournal.com/watch-mark-cuban-school-view-hostess-spouting-anti-trump-talking-points/?

Everyone knows that the Democrats are out to destroy both Trump and the Republican party.  They are like vultures seeking to kill and consume its prey.  In this case they are trying to do so by inserting poisonous items into the Coronavirus legislation that kills any future for the Republican party.  You will not believe the audacity of what they inserted.  Quote: "Buried in a bill that, in its last draft was over 1,400 pages long, are these election law changes that will ensure that Republicans will never again elect a majority in the House or Senate and that no Republican, and certainly no conservative-populist like Donald Trump, will ever again be elected President."   http://www.conservativehq.com/node/32197    Still do not believe that the progressive Democrat socialists have morphed into a criminal cabal in order to seize complete dictatorial control over our country?    Everyone knows this completely disgusting human being is a full fledged left wing nut job.  Take a look are her foolish nonsense.    https://politibuzz.com/comedian-tries-exposing-trump-fails-miserably/

Everyone also knows what Nancy Pelosi tried to derail the coronavirus bill to the detriment of millions of people.  The claim is that her team put together their 1000 page bill over the weekend.  That is not possible making it just another lie.  Nancy had to have the wheels rolling for weeks if not days before she dropped her bombshell.  Dishonest, destructive, obstructive, conniving and a complete failure as an upstanding political leader defines who she is.   https://www.westernjournal.com/dems-put-1000-page-covid-bill-together-1-weekend-didnt-set/?    Lucky for millions of people that her grossly unethical shenanigans did not work. She was caught red handed.

My guess is that he is just one of many Democrats who are embarrassed by Nancy Pelosi's completely irresponsible and overtly unethical partisan behavior.    https://trumptrainnews.com/articles/democrat-senator-doug-jones-slams-pelosi-and-dems-over-partisanship

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