Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic: China Must Be Held Accountable

Beijing is trying to take advantage of the pandemic to increase its global standing and influence.

There are three main reasons why the world must hold the CCP accountable for the first global pandemic in a century.

The first reason the CCP must be held accountable for the pandemic is that morality demands it.

The second reason that Beijing must be held accountable is a political one: The CCP's actions have gravely undermined global political governance.

The third reason Beijing must be held responsible is to prevent another pandemic from ravaging the world in the future.

If Beijing escapes blame for its failure to curb the coronavirus pandemic, its lies, and its attempts to cover up the pathogen's seriousness - or, worse yet, if it actually earns global plaudits for its actions - then no country will feel the need to be honest with the world when another epidemic breaks out, and the same deadly fiasco will repeat itself.

Beijing freely chose to deny the truth of COVID-19, and its governing malpractice and incompetence helped unleashed a pandemic on the world.


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