Friday, August 11, 2017

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The political left repeats over and over again that Republicans and conservatives are on the wrong side of history.  The two pieces provided here offer an interesting take on that notion.  Quote: "One of the most common phrases to be heard from “the left” is the assertion that someone or some public policy is or is not on “the right side of history.” It has almost become a mantra by those who disagree with, hate, or are fearful of ideas and policies proposed by those generally characterized as being politically on “the right.”
The notion behind it is that “history” moves in a particular direction, toward some set of specific goals and societal forms, with each step in the historical process representing a “higher” and “better” stage or level than the preceding ones at which “society” has been operating.  Marx rejected these people, labeling them as “utopian socialists.”  It is also captured in the popular labeling of those, again, on the political left as being “progressives” in their outlook and proposals for social reform and change. On the other hand, opponents are declared to be “reactionary,” “conservative,” or “deniers” of some facet of reality. Under the latter heading would be those who deny or challenge or question whether “climate change” is singularly or primarily or significantly man-made, or whether America still is or is becoming a more racist, misogynist, or generally anti-“social justice” hateful society.  This attitude and language has been exacerbated by the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, but it has been an ideological and linguistic conception of the political divisions in America and other places in the world for a very long time. As with many things on the political left, it dates from the nineteenth century and the “scientific socialism” of Karl Marx (1818-1883)."   Here is the second item.  Quote: "But it is nonetheless the case that a notion of a “right side of history” is an empty, meaningless phrase. History is the product not of mysterious forces beyond man’s and mankind’s control and power. History is the product and result of ideas – ideas about the nature of man, conceptions of how men could and should live together, and the political and economic institutional order of things that will best benefit humanity as the sum of the individuals making it up. What history has shown is that there has been greater human freedom, greater human prosperity, and greater human peace and tranquility during those times when the ideas of individual liberty, free markets, and limited government have most prevailed and been instituted in society. The greater the degree of government control, command, and coercion in society, the less these things have existed and blossomed. The task is not to be on some mythical “right side of history,” but to make history reflect the triumph and success of the idea and ideals of human liberty. But this does not just happen. It requires each of us to understand the meaning, value and importance of liberty in that classical liberal and libertarian sense, and to be willing to defend and advance it among our fellow human beings. That is what would make history."

While there have been a number of instances of harsh political disagreements in our nation's history I am not aware of any time (excepting the Civil War era) that the level of animosity held by one political side against the other has been as ugly as the political left/Democrats now have for Trump and members of the political right.  Quote: "The shooting of anyone is a serious situation. When someone is targeted simply because of their race, political alignment, gender, religious beliefs or anything else, it is a situation that needs to be taken very seriously. Everyone deserves the right to their own opinion. It is what makes the United States so great. The founding fathers built the United States on a place of freedom, allowing those to express themselves in demonstration and in speech. While Democrats and Republicans often do not agree on issues, it is the right of both sides to have their ideas, as long as it doesn’t cause harm to those on the opposite side. Sadly, this notion is time and time again put to the test by deranged individuals who believe violence is the answer."   And, "President Donald Trump asked both parties to come together with this issue, as it affects both sides, not just Republicans. Despite this plea to bring everyone together, a Democrat strategist actually had the audacity to introduce the tag “#HuntRepublicans” following the shooting. Who started the hashtag and asked for the actual shooting of Republicans around the country? Watch the video to learn more."   Reconciliation is in bad need of happening on both sides.  I pray that all of us can agree on that point and take it to heart.  Hate always divides and has no place anywhere in our lives.

The anti-religious crowd is both intolerant and profoundly arrogant.  The reality is that they seem to have almost no understanding of our nation's history and their unhinged rant about Trump holding a prayer session in the White House proves it.  There is a famous story of our founding that involves Benjamin Franklin.  He was not the most religious person but he believed in God.  During a particularly difficult time at the Constitutional Convention he noted the lack of progress and suggested that the assembly begin each day with a prayer to solicit support from the "Creator of the universe...and enlighten our minds with a portion of heavenly wisdom". They did so and the impasse ended.  Here is an extract from Franklin's appeal.  "Before I sit down, Mr. President, I will suggest another matter; and I am really surprised that it has not been proposed by some other member at an earlier period of our deliberations. I will suggest, Mr. President, that propriety of nominating and appointing, before we separate, a chaplain to this Convention, whose duty it shall be uniformly to assemble with us, and introduce the business of each day by and address to the Creator of the universe, and the Governor of all nations, beseeching Him to preside in our council, enlighten our minds with a portion of heavenly wisdom, influence our hearts with a love of truth and justice, and crown our labors with complete and abundant success!"  Indeed, for many years following our founding government buildings were routinely also the places of worship. If they intended that there be a separation of church and state, that would never have occurred.  The fact is that the separation of church and state is nothing but a canard concocted by a liberal Supreme Court justice taking out of context words used by Thomas Jefferson. That ruling was a tragedy.  Anyone who has even a remote understanding of history since that ruling will know that not long afterward anti-God and anti-religious fervor began to change the tide of our country and not for the better. No one can convince me that religious principles are unimportant and are superseded by an atheistic belief in nothingness and meaninglessness.  Absence of Godliness and religious convictions is not a solution to anything because such thinking is not rooted in anything.  It is absolutely void of meaning. It does not have any foundation on which to base moral and ethical principles, which today are sorely missing.  Such thinking suggests that random and meaningless chaos is neither a good or bad thing.  It just is.  I submit that absent unchangeable guiding principles from a higher power (not the fickle and malleable ones fallible humans make) on which to base them lawlessness, disrespectfulness, amorality and unethical behavior will ultimately reign. Unfortunately that is the way we are headed.  
The hope for lasting peace that followed end of the Cold War obviously did not pan out.  This item addresses the liberal's long sought after utopian state and the failed attempts that proved to work against that dream.  Quote: "The “peace dividend” promised by the end of the cold war has degenerated into endless war. The miraculous promises of medicine have been hijacked by “health care” racketeering now institutionalized under ObamaCare. The Civil Rights campaign begun in the 1950s with the most earnest, hopeful intentions (and generous policies) has produced off-the-charts black crime rates, educational defeat, ruined cities, and epic rancor. The middle class has been left economically shipwrecked by the promises of globalism. The pledge of a happy retirement dissolves as the pension funds roll over and die. And the supposed paragon of enlightened American governance morphs into a sinister and corrupt Deep State of oligarchical corruption."

This is a message all of us should heed, especially those on the political left.  Quote: "I don’t want to hear about the good Muslims. I should not need to be told about the good Muslims. If the good Muslims were that good, wouldn’t I be hearing their calls of outrage? Wouldn’t I be seeing them protest and speak out against their brothers?"  And, "Paris is no longer Paris, London is no longer London and most of Europe cannot recognize itself from five years ago. Europeans just surrendered, without a whimper or a fight. With no protest, they eagerly invited folks in who have been their enemies for thousands of years. What happened to the Vikings, Roman Legions or the Crusaders? They, whose ancestors took no mess, are allowing others to make a mess of their country. If raping their women in the streets will not enrage the men, if killing their children on their own streets will not have them in those streets protesting, if seeing politicians telling them not to fear will not awaken them, what on God’s earth will? If you are watching your citizens being slaughtered on your bridges, festivals and night clubs and you want to invite more of the assailants into your country, check what they are putting into your water supply. This is not European, this is not even human."    This cartoon tells the story very well.   Muslim husband cuts off wife fingers because she did not clear her studies with him.    Do liberals really support this kind of behavior???
This item exposes the desperate steps Obama took before is left office to sabotage the office for Trump.  His actions illustrate how small a person he is, his lack of maturity/statesmanship and  his reckless disregard for the welfare of the country and international relations.  Quote: "President Obama reportedly approved the cyber hacking operation during the last days of his presidency, as a sort of retaliatory response to the vague and unproven allegations of Russian election meddling.  If accurate, the latest reports are problematic for several reasons. First, it seems hypocritical for Democrats including Obama and Hillary Clinton to point fingers at Russia for supposed cyber activity, while Democrat administration in the White House was routinely engaging in the same type of projects.  Second, by directly ordering the NSA to fiddle with Russian networks just weeks before Trump took office, Obama created a hornet’s nest of problems to be handed off to the incoming president. Instead of sharing the available intelligence with Trump’s team and allowing the newly elected leader to decide on a course of action, Obama essentially lit a bomb and left it for Trump to defuse — or have it blow up in his face."  More, this adds the possibility of obstruction to the charges Obama could face.   
This is the legacy of allowing illegal immigrants to freely enter our country.   Just think.  If they had stayed home these tragedies would never have happened to innocent Americans.  If you need more proof that the political left is slowly but surely losing their minds see what these liberal city council members had to say when two judges asked them to clean the human defecations from outside the court house.  In effect they said.  No can do.  It might be considered racially offensive.

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