Saturday, August 12, 2017

Democrats have not been the party of the working class for thirty years

When the Democratic Party turned hard-left in Obama's second term, you would assume this meant courting the working class.  Wrong.  Democrats have not been the party of the working class for thirty years, according to Michael Barone
Republicans have been carrying white non-college graduates for 25 to 30 years, since long before Trump came onto the political scene. Trump's achievement, with his trade and immigration proposals, was to increase the margin with those voters significantly in states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin by appealing to those raised in union households who had been sticking with the Democrats.
The left abandoned reliance on workers even earlier in favor of getting money and power from misapplying the civil rights laws and staging shake-downs of corporate board rooms in the name of racial, sex, and homosexual grievances.  Still, Democrats continued to garner the support of organized labor, loyal to the party of FDR. 
The Democrat media complex is flummoxed by Trump's success among working people – they believe their own propaganda that Republicans are the party of the rich.  As I wrote after the last election, that is one big fat lie. 

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