Saturday, August 12, 2017

AFL-CIO group paid D.C. consultants $431,114 for grassroots petition effort

Union activists, with the help of a Washington, D.C., firm, reportedly have enough signatures to block Missouri from implementing its right-to-work law and force a ballot measure on the question in 2018.
Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis said that the We Are Missouri movement, which shares headquarters with the union, has gathered almost 300,000 signatures supporting the ballot measure—three times more than the 100,000 needed to force an election.
The union plans to deliver the signatures to the Missouri Secretary of State's office after assembling at the state capitol on Aug. 18, Louis said at a rally on Aug. 8. If the initiative is successful, the petition will block the state from enacting Right to Work, which prevents employers from mandating union membership as a condition of employment, until the 2018 election.
"It really is humbling to know what you've accomplished will go down in the history books,’’ Louis told supporters [18 minute mark] before donning a "Right to Work is a Ripoff" hat. "We're going to end this attack."

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