Monday, July 17, 2017

Things To Think About 3

The Obama era scandals continue to seep out of the woodwork. But they go unnoticed by the a complicit mainstream media so we will examine just a few of them. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is now in hot water.   And, so is former FBI Director James Comey.   And,  In fact Comey's situation is worsening.  In this piece you will note his duplicity in the treatment of Trump vis-a-via Hillary.   And, Bernie Sanders and his wife are under investigation for fraud and the whole wrath of Hillary's unethical and illegal activities remains on the docket, too; along with investigations into alleged illegal actions committed by several close members of her staff.   Even,  Hillary's Campaign Chairman, John Podesta's relationships with Russia (including actions involving Hillary while Secretary of State) are under scrutiny. Maxine Waters was recently censured for violating ethical standards. And, socialist Elizabeth Warren has been requested to prove her claim that she has American Indian blood flowing through her veins.  And, check out this Maine state Democrat's threatening of President Trump.    Unfortunately there are plenty more examples.  The truth is that the Democrat party is a cesspool of corruption and radicalism.  It is likely clear to most why the leftist mainstream media and frantic Democrats incessantly level fake news charges against Trump and his administration.  They do so to deflect the public's attention away from their own actual corruption, pretending it is only Republicans who have ethical and legal problems.  It is a fact that both parties have sordid members, liars and cheats in their ranks.  All who fit that charge are hypocrites and should be removed from office.  It goes without saying that not all or even most rank and file Democrats fit this description.  They don't.  But the party's leaders/heavy hitters, mainstream media hucksters, Hollywood/entertainment industry hawkers, leftist academics, crony capitalists and a hefty number of its semi-professional rank and file activists are living and breathing examples.

This adds to the Trump collusion with Russia theme, but with a twist.  Former advisor to Bill Clinton, Dick Morris, says that Clinton actually meddled in a Russian election.  Quote: "Forget Donald Trump — either President Donald Trump or Donald Trump Jr. The reason Morris ascribes to Putin’s outrage at Hillary Clinton isn’t about Hillary Clinton at all. It’s about… Bill Clinton. And then-President Bill Clinton’s decision to directly and personally intervene in the Russian presidential election."  And, "Which is to say, as can happen, there was tension between mentor Yeltsin and mentee Putin. And to bring the tale back around to the Malzberg interview with Dick Morris, there was no less than the President of the United States himself — Bill Clinton — personally meddling in the Russian presidential election. Aided and abetted by one of his top aides — pollster Dick Morris."   Now, tell me how it is the Clinton's and the Democrats have one iota of a right to yell at Trump for something that did not happen and not mention that one of their own, Bill Clinton, actually did meddle in a Russian election????   Also, some of you may remember that Democrat Ted Kennedy encouraged Russia to collude in an American election.  It was Reagan's second election to the presidency.    All I have to say is Democrats stop your holier than thou behavior.  Your pompous behind is showing.  And trust me it is not pretty.  One more thing on this Democrat Russian deal.   They play really, really underhanded and dirty politics.

So what's new?  Quote: "There is a flood of allegations swamping American government these days, accusing officials of improper ties: to Russia, to each other and to various companies. It’s all there in the headlines. But at least one allegation has been virtually ignored: The failure of the electric car company founded by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.  McAuliffe was the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, and he’s a former Democratic National Committee chairman.  “The mainstream media is ignoring this pertinent fact,” explained investigators with Judicial Watch. “Most mainstream news outlets ignored the story altogether and a few kept McAuliffe’s name out [of] the minimal coverage."    Its called propaganda.  Minimize negative coverage of liberal misbehavior and maximize negative coverage whether true or not of real or perceived enemies of liberalism's agenda.   Goes on all the time. 

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