Monday, July 17, 2017

Things To Think About 1

Leftist politicians, neocons, and mainstream media types need to consider the contents of this piece.  Their irrational and irresponsible treatment of President Trump is unconscionable, especially after causing us to endure Obama for eight long, troubled, scandal filled and unpleasant years.    And, Obama is continuing to display his lack of decency and ethics behaving poorly as a former president, actively working to undermine his successor.  This is unprecedented behavior and should never, ever happen.   He is seeking to destroy the good things Trump is doing because Trump's accomplishments are far superior to Obama's actions at this same point in his presidency.  Take a peek at this item to get a feel for just how inappropriate Obama is behaving.   Because of Obama's outsized ego he is overly concerned with himself and how people view him.  His presidency was always all about him and not about what he was doing to or for our country and its citizens.   His poor record of accomplishments as president is a testament to that fact.  His post presidential rhetoric and deeds make him both a disgrace and a national embarrassment.

More.  Obama is not only a self serving egomaniac he is also a real danger to US and global stability.  He needs to stop trying to usurp/interfere with everything Trump does.  He just needs to go away.  His left over unethical government appointees are responsible for the unlawful leaking the media feeds on.  He and his operatives have already done far too much damage.  So it is time for it to stop.  

This former chairman of the Democratic National Committee is obviously attempting to come to the rescue of his party.  As noted elsewhere in this note his party is unfortunately in deep trouble so to deflect attention away from their multitude of real scandals he levels the familiar fake news charge that the Trump administration is corrupt.  This is a typical leftist tactic.  Charge your opponent with what you are actually doing and hope the people buy the deceptive lie.  This practice comes right out of the socialist/communist play book.  They are intended to deflect attention away from the fact that the Democrat party has moved so far to the left that it is today in fact a socialist party.  Need evidence?  At least the last four Democrat party candidates for president have been supported by the US Communist Party (Clinton, Kerry, Obama, Clinton).  The communists don't even run a candidate.  The Democrat Party is just fine with them because their communist platform and the Democrat party platform are closely aligned.  This piece extends that thought.   This item also helps one understand the socialistic, even communistic, concepts that reside within the Democrat party  Quote: "Back in the day when Stalinists Gus Hall and Angela Davis were regularly nominated by the party as presidential and vice presidential candidates every four years, the U.S. Communists actually had beefs with the Democrats,” he said. “But, in recent years, the party ceased those efforts in favor of a united front with the Democrats, with whom they have very few differences, if any.”    Reprehensible is a word that describes the rank hypocrisy of  liberal icons.   Here's more on the connection liberals have with this unsavory character.    Hopefully, this information facilitates understanding of the corruption which consumes so much of today's Democrat party, liberals and progressives at large, the elitist education establishment, crony capitalists and their collective propaganda arm, the leftist mainstream media.  If I am wrong please let me know.  Rest assured that I fully understand the Republican party's closet is jamb packed with dirty laundry.  I am not a Republican.

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