Tuesday, July 4, 2017

“Patriotism” to Obama—“an aggressive kind of Nationalism”

You’re too late, Obama and mercifully thousands of miles away this Independence Day;  too late by far to quell in any way the sheer joy Westerners feel about Independence Day 2017 without you.
Send out as many selfies as you want from Indonesia.  No one, other than the Daily Mail in Britain pays much attention to them any more.  You’re EX President Obama now, and only an overplayed shadow as ‘leader’ of a Resistance that isn’t working.
Independence Day 2017 is the first Independence Day without Barack Obama, and quite joyfully certainly not the last one.
The anti-American president who went so far out of his way not being there in any way for America, cutting off at significant personal expense any access to who he really was, is now, in all respects, really not there any more.

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