Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Beneath the Dignity of the Office

image-shopped WWE parody of himself “body-slamming” CNN, perhaps the most accomplished, and persistent purveyor of fake news. 
Unlike Bill Clinton -- whose pants around the ankles in the Oval Office, while being serviced by an intern, redefined dignity of the Presidency -- Trump at least picked a venue that couldn’t be conflated with the new age White House protocols.  But unlike Clinton, Trump kept his belt buckled, four-in-hand knot untouched, with nary a strand of hair displaced. 
Trump displayed the most dignified body-slam ever in WWE, or anyplace else. Winston Churchill’s soul is agonizing that he didn’t think of it first.
Trump’s communication style is certainly an abrupt detour from presidential norms, yet norms, according to Donald Trump, are made to be broken. And “beneath the dignity of the office” is a hyperventilating overreach, or as we say in the trade, a steaming pile.


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