Friday, July 7, 2017

Anarchists of G20 Protests ‘Marxist Perfection 101’

The latest G20 gathering in Hamburg, Germany is the biggest Fake News event of them all.  Throngs of more than 100,000 face-masked, protesting anarchists have taken over the stage for the #zeigtHaltung—‘Hamburg’s got attitude’.
The anarchists of #zeigtHaltung have converged on the streets supposedly to display their unhinged hatred of capitalism and all they perceive as capitalist pigs.
A bold, in-your-face big lie because organizers chose New York Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, one of the world’s biggest capitalist pigs, as their keynote speaker.
de Blasio fits the bill because anarchists hate cops , applauding groups like #BlackLivesMatter who continue to murder them in cold blood. 
#zeigtHaltung’s hero de Blasio skipped paying his respects to slain New York Police Officer Miosotis Familia in a police ceremony, taking a plane to Germany one day after her death.
Miosotis Familia was murdered, execution style, in cold blood on Wednesday in the Bronx. Killer Alexander Bonds shot the mother of three as she sat in her squad car.
The anarchists of #zeigHaltung love cop killers.  You can see it displayed in the sea of placards they wave to a watching world.
The G20 is a show of the raw power of world leaders, meant to keep all plebes in their place.
The aimless anarchists of G20 protests, are really ‘Marxist Perfection 101’.  They provide cover for the capitalist pig, global elite-mastered ‘leaders’ of the West.  Both anarchists and leaders want to remove—by force—the avails of capitalism from everybody but themselves.

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