Friday, March 10, 2017

Things to Think About - Political Left Is Not Our Friend 1

I apologize in advance if this item seems over the top.  My frustration with the antics of the political left has reached its boiling point.  The following are just some of the reasons why. 

Former Democrat/socialist president Obama is returning to his Saul Alinski roots.  To disrupt Trump's presidency he is using tactics laid out in Alinski's book "Rules for Radicals", which apparently serves as the bible for the current crop of Democrats.  Obama is dead set on destroying Trump's presidency. This is no made up charge.  It is well known.  This item depicts 64 ways Obama is actively sabotaging Trump.  Quote: "Obama’s goal, according to a close family friend, is to oust Trump from the presidency either by forcing his resignation or through his impeachment,” the Daily Mail reported Wednesday.  The source also told the paper that Obama loathes President Trump and considers his presidency illegitimate."    Obama was a terrible president and is now proving that he is also a terrible anti-American former president.   My guess is that it is only a matter of time before his actions are called into question and/or cross the line of legality.   More.

Obama is unethical, irresponsible and un-American.  It was members of the political Left who lambasted Trump when he refused to commit to accepting the election results.  Yet it is obviously they who have not accepted the results and more than that are in the process of doing everything possible to destroy Trump's presidency.  That could be considered  a near act of treason or maybe even actual treason.  The current crop of the elite of the political left are not to ever again be trusted with control of our government. Obama's true colors are being exposed...he is an anarchist seeking to overturn our government so he and his socialist allies can impose their brand of socialism over all the rest of us.  He should be rebuked at every turn.  After reading this and other items in this piece there should be no doubt about his un-American socialistic aims?  His unethical, irresponsible, self-centered, self righteous post-presidency behavior has never before been witnessed in our nation's history. 

Everyone knows about the hype being bandied about of Trump and his staff having inappropriate contacts with Russia.  There are a lot of unsubstantiated claims on both sides.  The left is giddy because they think they may have finally trapped Trump. I do not know if any of this is valid. In the upcoming link,  Mark Levin, a former White House attorney, in a TV interview suggests it may be the left that is in trouble, especially Obama and his left over White House operatives.  In this video he chronicles open source documents which suggest that the Obama White House was conducting a wire tap operation of Trump and his campaign  months before the election.  The media is working overtime to try and debunk the whole thing.  But Levin cites multiple sources and shows them on screen (cannot be read by viewers) and reads from them.  He claims that requests were made by the Obama White House to the FISA court requesting to wiretap private citizens.  The sequence and known information is suspiciously similar to leaked information the left is using against Trump.  In other words Levin suggests Obama's White House or surrogates in the Department of Justice may have engaged in illegal activities.  This item and the embedded video provides details.    We all need hold back on drawing any conclusions based on Levin's analysis.  He may be right just as he may well be wrong.  There are, however, things worth noting and considering as this situation develops.  Some claim that if true this is a bigger scandal than Watergate.  Remember that fiasco lasted at least two years.  This nest item builds on Levin's analysis.   And yet more.  Did Obama or a surrogate wiretap Trump?  At this point it is impossible to know.  However, given Obama's history of using wiretaps against his enemies means it cannot be dismissed.   This thing just keeps getting more curious every day.   What gives this whole mess a degree of credibility is something the political left seems quite willing to ignore: Obama's 8 year history of using intelligence services to keep check on his enemies.  and,   and,

And finally regarding the previous paragraph, lets put a little historical perspective on the matter.  The Democrats have ACTUALLY tried to use Russia to influence a presidential election.  Happened during the Democrat Jimmy Carter's presidency.    Message to the political left.  Your house is dirty as can be.  There is more of this kind of history in your closet. Cease and desist with your irresponsible behavior before this blows up in your face.

Hillary surfaces and adds fuel to the fire.  As corrupt, dishonest and incompetent a person as she is she is still delusional enough to think she should be president.  The people have spoken twice on this matter.  The first time she lost to Obama, the second time the people spoke. She should stop hallucinating that the people are clamoring for her to rise up and save the nation from that evil man, Trump.   Her past performance history and logic says that if ever elected she would likely be a worse failure than Obama.

I'm sorry but anyone who thinks it is okay what Obama's former chief law enforcement officer thinks, you are wrong.  She may have done some good things in her past but this is not definitely one of them.  It is a veiled call for mayhem because she obviously thinks the wrong person was elected president of the United States.  She seemingly embraces the past and ongoing violence perpetrated by leftist hoodlums for the obvious purpose of illegally overthrowing a legitimately elected government and installing a left wing socialist regime in Washington, DC.  The political left has lifted its evil curtain.

Senator Schumer is a total hypocrite.  Quote: "Remember When Schumer Said It Didn't Matter That AG Lynch Met With Bill Clinton Privately While Hillary Was Under FBI Investigation?"   The political left thinks they can do anything and not suffer any consequences whatever.  But if a Republican does something THEY think is suspicious THEIR immediate response is to launch an investigation and demand the person resign.  Democrat believe their misbehavior is excusable but not so for non-Democrats.  Want to see more of his blatant hypocrisy?   Harry Reid was a pathological liar/deceiver while in the Senate.  Chuck Schumer is following in his footsteps in typical Democrat fashion.  Need more proof that Schumer is nothing more than a political hack?   Seems that two can play the "who met with the Russians game".   Could this be an example of double hypocrisy?

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